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0006291 [Resin]
minornew03-21-24mod_caucho does not see new elastic servers
minornew02-01-24fread() on a regular file doesn't return all requested bytes?
 0006451 [Resin]
minornew11-13-23resin.exe windows waitForExit() exits prematurely after 24 days with .NET Framework 3.5 and below
 0002790 [Quercus]
featurenew11-12-23curl implementation does not support sftp
 0006413 [Resin]
minornew11-12-23add docs for HeaderFilter
0006487 [Resin]
majornew11-10-23ArrayList race condition in Session.invalidate()
 0005556 [Baratine]
minornew11-10-23keepalive overflow and resin becomes unresponsive
 0006215 [Quercus]
trivialnew11-08-23'RecursiveArrayIterator' is an unknown class name
 0004717 [Quercus]
minornew11-05-23SimpleTest does not work in Quercus
 0006161 [Resin]
minorassigned (nam)11-03-23Download missing 64 bit mod_caucho.dll for integration with Apache
 0004438 [Quercus]
majornew10-01-23javax.script.Invocable Support Missing
majornew10-01-23StackOverflowError with WordPress 4.0
 0006476 [Resin]
minornew10-01-23JDWP Transport dt_socket failed to initialize
 0006488 [Resin]
minornew10-01-23update jquery version used in resin-admin
minornew10-01-23phpBB3 - Links not displaying
 0006489 [Resin]
minornew10-01-23resin.exe fails to start because of mutex issue with Windows service
 0006347 [Resin]
minornew10-01-23manual webapp file changes are overwritten on restart
 0006482 [Resin]
minornew10-01-23add INFO logging for health checks that did not complete in time
 0006449 [Resin]
minornew10-30-23Windows resin.exe InvalidOperationException when getting exit code from child process
majornew10-30-23Hessian2 Have Denial of Service Vulnerability
minornew10-30-23SendMail from address does not work
0006490 [Resin]
majornew10-30-23reject multiple Content-Length header fields for CVE-2005-2090
 0006450 [Resin]
minornew10-30-23unable to compile on M1 Mac with missing jni_md.h include
 0006461 [Resin]
crashnew10-30-23Resin pro is slow after some time - Licensed
 0006392 [Hessian]
minornew10-30-23Hessian can not support a class with a filed which is LocalDate when serializing
 0005804 [Quercus]
minornew10-30-23curl_setopt with CURLOPT_CAINFO not implemented
minornew10-29-23Mint web analytics package installs but does not function correctly
 0005801 [Baratine]
minornew10-27-23ClientHamp websocket ConcurrentModificationException
majorassigned (nam)10-23-23Support unicode blog titles in WordPress
 0003069 [Quercus]
minornew10-20-23opengoo simplexml
 0006387 [Resin]
minornew10-15-23add documentation for watchdog-jvm-arg-line and watchdog_jvm_args
 0004446 [Quercus]
minornew09-26-23function eval has encoding problem
 0006442 [Resin]
minornew09-26-23Apache 2.4 remoteip_module remove NS-CLIENT-IP. then where can i get the original remote ip..?
 0006324 [Resin]
minornew09-19-23add support for ocsp stapling for appending revocation status to the SSL handshake response
0003172 [Quercus]
featurenew09-19-23Add switch to ease content-length debugging
crashnew09-05-23Hessian deserialization crashes on on multi java.util.TimeZone responses
 0006448 [Resin]
majornew08-29-23CVE ID Request
 0006280 [Resin]
minornew08-22-23Too many beans match exception for XmlAuthenticator
 0005675 [Quercus]
minornew08-15-23wordpress-3.5.1 does not work with Undertow servlet engine
 0005553 [Hessian]
minornew08-14-23Deserialization fails if there are fields of the same name in the class and its superclass.
minornew07-18-23Mysql PDO fetch bug
crashnew07-18-23IndexOutOfBoundsException when deserializing Google Collections
crashnew07-17-23Overflow i copy a php object
blocknew07-17-23Highest Priority : accessing an attribute on $this is causing NPE
minornew07-17-23timezone_transitions_get() not implemented
 0005970 [Quercus]
minornew07-14-23misleading IllegalStateException if webapp took longer than 60s to start
 0006471 [Resin]
minornew06-29-23clarify documentation for resin:Forward absolute-target URLs
minorassigned (ferg)06-27-23access_log_format property is not referenced by any xml config files
 0006383 [Resin]
minornew04-04-23How can Resin pro4.0.62 support OpenSSL 1.1.1?
majornew03-26-23com.caucho.hessian.client.HessianConnectionException: 500: Socket closed
 0006267 [Resin]
minornew02-19-23add docs for SSL SNI support
 0006446 [Resin]
minornew12-16-22publish maven dependency for resin-eclipselink.jar
 0006277 [Hessian]
minornew11-11-22Date with custom deserializer
featurenew10-03-22Hessian 4.0.66 Serialize Object with Calendar would fail on deserialization if references are used
 0006475 [Baratine]
minornew08-04-22Can’t connect the canon printer to windows 11 ? It is a common issue that several users have experienced after Windows update
  0006472 [Resin]
crashnew07-15-22ssl crash on windows 10 (private)
 0006465 [Baratine]
minornew04-29-22Can somebody explain how to get rid of 502 bad gateway to me?
  0006466 [Resin]
trivialnew04-07-22Unable to download source file (private)
 0006456 [Resin]
minornew12-17-21add openssl SNI support for host-alias-regexp or host-alias
minornew12-16-21java.lang.IllegalStateException: TcpSocketLink[id=http://...someports...] killKeepalive called from invalid thread
  0006455 [Resin]
majornew12-15-21resin stays dead after request spike (private)
 0006447 [Resin]
minornew11-16-21move resin-eclipselink.jar from lib/ into webapp-jars/
 0006397 [Resin]
majornew04-29-21reopen issue 0006391, fail to resolve http header correctly and sometimes resin hangs when parsing http requests
 0006379 [Resin]
minornew01-11-21example custom AbstractAuthenticator in docs does not work
 0006376 [Resin]
minornew12-17-20add documentation for configuring PdfReport mail smtp
 0006375 [Resin]
minornew12-17-20health PdfReport not using default smtp properties from mail tag
minornew12-09-20APC cache should not be an LRU cache
 0006358 [Resin]
minornew06-30-20add example openssl config to docs for more secure cipher suites and protocols
 0006340 [Resin]
minornew04-15-20add documentation for JDK requirements and supported versions
 0006335 [Resin]
minornew04-03-20add SSL documentation example for disabling DES and RC4 ciphers
 0006315 [Resin]
minornew04-03-20add docs for openssl tag
 0006309 [Resin]
minornew01-02-20add docs for mod_caucho configurable values
 0006290 [Resin]
minornew10-10-19mod_caucho requests are delayed by seconds if not all ResinConfigServer are online
 0006286 [Resin]
majornew10-01-19slow leak of thousands of resin-port-0-launcher threads
  0006273 [Resin]
minornew07-01-19EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on resin pro 4.0.55 (private)
 0006189 [Resin]
minorassigned (nam)03-05-19Resin plugin with STS4
majornew07-27-18substr_count does not provide an accurate count when the search string is repeated in succession
 0006115 [Quercus]
minornew11-25-17com.caucho.quercus.UnimplementedException: `mb_substitute_character' has not been implemented
minornew10-16-17(boolean) is not assignable to ArrayValue [array_map] - Mediawiki 1.15.1
 0006083 [Quercus]
crashnew08-04-17CurlMultiResource#execute Stuck in Infinite Loop
 0006032 [Quercus]
minornew01-11-17[quercus / dokuwiki] quercus doesn't support sprite used in a dokuwiki project
 0006018 [Quercus]
minornew10-18-16filter not implemented: FILTER_SANITIZE_NUMBER_INT (0)' has not been implemented
 0006016 [Quercus]
majornew09-12-16RegexpModule$RegexpCacheItem.get( hangs
 0006012 [Quercus]
majornew06-16-16[PATCH] Adjust mktime implementation to align with PHP implementation
minornew06-02-16strftime does not work with %R
 0006010 [Quercus]
minornew06-02-16[PATCH] Implementation of try-finally
majornew04-26-16Ajax UTF-8 garbled
 0005993 [Quercus]
minornew04-07-16php_info() showing wrong version
 0005991 [Quercus]
minornew04-06-16apc_exists() function not implemented
minornew03-11-16Hessian IdentityIntMap ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
 0005976 [Quercus]
minornew02-11-16array out of bounds for ServletListener
majornew02-08-16BigDecimal objects are incorrectly serialized
 0005975 [Quercus]
featurenew02-02-16Support for jsr223 Invocable interface
majornew01-20-16When inheriting protected instance variables the parent class auto created variable
 0005973 [Quercus]
majornew01-05-16NPE when including a newly created file
 0005965 [Quercus]
majornew11-30-15QuercusCompiledScript doesn't flush writer
 0005963 [Quercus]
minornew11-18-15Quercus is constantly recompiling php files on Windows 10
minornew11-11-15Resin 4.0.46 - Quercus doesn't recompile PHP files edited (private)
minornew10-22-15Zend Framework 2 demo application not working
 0005935 [Baratine]
minornew08-14-15Malformed escape pair at index 30: bartender://fe80:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%lo0:54871/bartender
blocknew07-30-15serialize/unserialize unicode(CJK) string yields unkown characters sometimes.
 0005931 [Quercus]
minornew07-29-15query params missing from resin-forwarded url
 0005924 [Baratine]
minornew07-02-15javax.script should work with detached classloader
 0005922 [Baratine]
minornew06-30-15multipod deployment
 0005917 [Quercus]
featurenew06-13-15c:\resin\webapps\ROOT\World.php:5: Fatal Error: 'hello_test' is an unknown function.
 0005911 [Baratine]
minornew05-25-15ClassCastException: ChannelServerJampRpc cannot be cast to ChannelServerJamp
 0005899 [Quercus]
majornew05-13-15Unable to install themes in wordpress using Quercus
 0005897 [Baratine]
minornew05-11-15StackOverflow in MarshalBean.convert()
 0005896 [Baratine]
minornew05-06-15Result.complete(HashMap) returns an empty Map
 0005889 [Baratine]
minornew04-29-15baratine ls /usr shows no sub-directories
 0005888 [Baratine]
minornew04-28-15better support for deleting child resources from services
 0005887 [Baratine]
minornew04-28-15exception in @OnLoad doesn't complete JAMP request
featurenew04-19-15can't overwrite protected member value (on quercus-4.0.39)
 0005883 [Quercus]
majornew04-17-15quercus-4.0.42.war, Wordpress 4.1.1 fault with more than 1 page
 0005879 [Baratine]
minornew04-14-15kraken: where clause (float) obj.field.subfield between (?,?)
 0005878 [Baratine]
minornew04-14-15NPE: kraken/2813
 0005852 [Quercus]
majornew02-14-15[RFE] Implement simplexml_import_dom in Quercus
 0005831 [Baratine]
minornew11-21-14jvm-args not being picked up
 0005829 [Baratine]
minornew11-20-14deployment extlib
 0005827 [Quercus]
minornew11-18-14ReflectionMethod alternative constructor not supported
 0005823 [Quercus]
blocknew11-10-14Fatal Error: Can't use object 'com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.MysqliResult' as array
 0005816 [Baratine]
minornew10-28-14command shell enhancements
majornew09-18-14Quercus 4.0.39 undeployable to GlassFish Server 4
majornew07-07-14Var function is not supported?
 0005774 [Quercus]
majornew07-07-14SVNRev: 10251: Several SPL iterators not implemented, resulting in failures of Zend >= 1.11.9
 0005773 [Quercus]
trivialnew07-07-14context parameter of custom PHP errror handler should be of type array
featurenew07-07-14UnimplementedException during installation of SPIP
 0005771 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14ReflectionClass lacks getInterfaceNames()
 0005770 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14spl_autoload_functions() returns a list of strings that are not plain method names
 0005769 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14substr() with a negative 2nd argument larger than the string length
 0005768 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14ReflectionClass->getProperties() with an argument raises a warning
 0005767 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14Multiple names per single "use" keyword
 0005759 [Baratine]
minornew06-19-14add undeploy command.
 0005758 [Baratine]
minornew06-19-14@AfterBatch configuration
 0005754 [Baratine]
minornew06-14-14create a maven archetype for baratine
 0005751 [Quercus]
minornew06-11-14utf8 is garbled for postgres
 0005750 [Quercus]
minornew06-10-14RecursiveFilterIterator is not implemented
 0005746 [Quercus]
minornew06-03-14wordpress plugin.php ArgGetValue UnsupportedOperationException
 0005743 [Baratine]
minornew06-02-14doc: explain threading in detail
 0005742 [Baratine]
minornew06-02-14doc: better explain proxy async support
 0005739 [Baratine]
minornew05-29-14can't inject ResourceManager
 0005738 [Baratine]
minornew05-29-14com.caucho.jmx.Jmx.find() does not work with new server-ip'ed names
 0005730 [Quercus]
minornew05-04-14FILTER_VALIDATE_URL not implemented
 0005728 [Quercus]
minornew05-01-14__get()/__set() doesn't work for private parent fields
 0005720 [Quercus]
minornew04-29-14get_defined_constants() needs to accept one argument
 0005721 [Quercus]
minornew04-29-14ini_get_all() needs to accept two arguments
 0005719 [Quercus]
minornew04-17-14stream_get_contents() is not seeking to specified offset
  0005712 [Documentation]
minornew04-08-14centering of pages (private)
minornew04-07-14stream_get_meta_data() does not work with php://temp streams
 0005695 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14go through a delete example with output
 0005694 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14surround the JDK8 callback with print statements to highlight nonblocking
 0005693 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14give example ouput for automatically-created resources
 0005692 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14explain ResourceService indexing for queries
 0005691 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14explain what happens if the put _id is different from the URL _id
 0005690 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14need to better explain that service resources are different instances
 0005689 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14need to introduce and explain the singleton service
 0005688 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14need to clarify @Modify for modifying service fields
 0005680 [Documentation]
minornew03-08-14Mantis product version popup missing versions
 0005679 [Documentation]
minornew03-08-14WIki page has broken formatting
 0005677 [Quercus]
minornew03-05-14implement SimpleXMLIterator
 0005666 [Quercus]
minornew02-20-14implement SplPriorityQueue and SplStack
 0005664 [Quercus]
minornew02-19-14implement DirectoryIterator->isDot()
0003996 [Quercus]
featurenew02-10-14memcache support
 0005651 [Quercus]
minornew02-06-14quercus pro WAR does not recognize licenses
 0005634 [Quercus]
minornew01-17-14use Apache HttpClient for CURL in order to support SSL client certificates
 0005580 [Quercus]
minornew01-14-14PHP: PDOStatement->rowCount()
 0005610 [Quercus]
minornew01-14-14Quercus servlet: file path calculation error
 0005628 [Quercus]
minornew01-03-14imagetruecolortopalette() not implemented
 0005586 [Quercus]
minornew11-12-13DomDocument UTF-8 Encoding problem
 0005585 [Baratine]
minornew11-11-13store loses all items when redeploying WAR file
 0005577 [Documentation]
minornew11-03-13need to explain load-balance-weight in depth
 0005576 [Documentation]
minornew11-03-13<resin:LoadBalance> strategy and sticky-session config not documented in depth
  0005507 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13makai service cannot access its own non-public static inner classes (private)
  0005508 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13no console logging for when non-startup makai service fails to start up (private)
  0005527 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13baratine debugging issues (private)
 0005546 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13need ability to intercept (jamp) websocket messages
 0005547 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13throw exception if jamp is serializing/deserializing long value greater than N/M
  0005538 [Quercus]
majornew10-02-13CRLF Injection in Resin 4.0.37 and earlier (private)
 0005534 [Quercus]
minornew09-24-13auto_prepend_file does not work via Quercus command line client
 0005533 [Quercus]
minornew09-24-13allow specifying php.ini file to Quercus command line client
 0005526 [Quercus]
minornew09-11-13constant recompiling of PHP files in Windows
 0005511 [Quercus]
majornew08-28-13unserialize() fails with IOException when unserializing PHP class the implements Serializabe
 0005509 [Quercus]
minornew08-23-13PDO::ERRMODE_SILENT not honored
 0005505 [Quercus]
minorassigned (nam)08-22-13parse_ini_string() not implemented
 0005503 [Quercus]
minornew08-22-13missing interface SplSubject for phpMyAdmin
 0005497 [Hessian]
featurenew08-14-13Support for GZIP compression
 0005491 [Quercus]
featurenew07-23-13Quercus : SOAP/HEssian support
blocknew07-11-13issue 5239 is not fixed .ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
minornew07-04-13hessian with enum
 0005471 [Documentation]
minornew06-21-13SSL Documentation problems
  0005458 [Documentation]
majornew06-14-13network problem (private)
 0005453 [Quercus]
featurenew06-06-13hablity to use JNA like Jruby or Jython
 0005438 [Quercus]
minornew05-08-13Implement libxml additional constants and functions
featurenew03-14-13`oci_connect with charset'
 0005390 [Quercus]
minornew03-10-13add support for modules written in PHP
minornew03-06-13PDOStatement.rowCount() doesn't meet DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE statements specification
 0005386 [Quercus]
minornew03-04-13Laravel php framework doesn't work
 0005381 [Quercus]
minornew02-25-13JDK7 Arrays sort throws exception because Quercus comparator is not transitive
minornew02-08-13Add support for ZipArchive class
 0005366 [Quercus]
minornew02-08-13DOMElement->hasAttribute($name) not implemented
minornew02-05-13Make QuercusCompiledScript Serializable
 0005356 [Quercus]
minornew01-01-13need to implement the HttpResponse library
featurenew01-24-13Make quercus as standalone project with no dependency with Hessian and Resin-Kenel
 0005301 [Quercus]
minornew12-04-12PDO never throws PDOException
 0005296 [Quercus]
minornew12-01-12need to implement iptcparse() for mediawiki image uploads
minornew11-30-12is_callable method is different behavior from PHP5.x
minornew11-14-12magento does not work
crashnew11-05-12Java 1.7 Locale serialization fails
 0005224 [Quercus]
minornew09-26-12add native connection pooling to Quercus
 0005221 [Quercus]
majornew09-20-12SimpleXMLElement count return always 0
minornew08-30-12oci_fetch_array() with OCI_RETURN_LOBS not implemented
 0005191 [Quercus]
minornew08-26-12mb_get_info() not fully implemented.
 0005188 [Quercus]
minornew08-24-12quercus stack trace in exception
minornew08-08-12Quercus cannot find or include PHP files through WAR overlay
minornew08-07-12quercus standalone: debug_backtrace() returns an empty array
 0005157 [Quercus]
minornew07-30-12quercus: QuercusServlet with init-param script-encoding="UTF-8"
minornew06-12-12Can't debug Quercus with Eclipse IDE
majornew06-06-12Server Exceptions Not getting passed to client (Found root cause and possible Fix)
 0005104 [Hessian]
majornew06-06-12AbstractDeserializer: UnsupportedOperationException
majornew05-28-12Transfer of Large Binary Data not working within Objects
 0005052 [Quercus]
minornew04-27-12MediaWiki Querucs: problem viewing
 0005051 [Quercus]
minornew04-27-12Unable to upload files in mediawiki
 0005050 [Quercus]
minornew04-26-12quercus cannot find jar'ed php files
 0005038 [Quercus]
minornew04-21-12Symfony 2.0.12 not working
 0005009 [Quercus]
crashnew04-02-12unimplemented exception when using com.caucho.quercus.lib.dom.DOMDocument.schemaValidate(
majorassigned03-22-12Various XCART issues (private)
0004245 [Quercus]
minoracknowledged03-22-12methods beginning with underscore not visible in get_declared_methods
blockfeedback03-22-12QuercusView for Spring MVC integration no longer works in 4.0.5
majoracknowledged03-22-12'strptime' PHP function is not supported in Quercus
majorassigned03-22-12Quercus + Zend Framework => controller resolution broken
minorassigned03-22-12pg_escape_string() missing argument
crashassigned03-22-12Stack Overflow / Infinite recursion with Zend Framework (in ArrayModule.array_key_exists)
majorassigned03-22-12unset() function does not work properly
 0003989 [Quercus]
minorassigned03-22-12Unable to UNSET values in Drupal 6.16 / Quercus 4.0.3
minoracknowledged03-22-12Quercus: AppendIterator is an unknown class
 0003919 [Quercus]
minorassigned03-22-12java.lang.IllegalStateException on post preview in
minorconfirmed03-22-12Quercus - vBulletin 4.0.5 - Error when trying to add avatar
minorfeedback03-22-12Java String variable argument lists.
 0004554 [Quercus]
majoracknowledged03-22-12Class variable "not found" if null
 0004310 [Quercus]
majorassigned03-22-12inconsistent behavior for declared attributes when accessed from member functions versus public member access
majornew03-09-12No 4.0.24 Maven dependency in Caucho M2 repository
majornew02-26-12Memory leak due to ServiceContext not clearing ThreadLocal
majornew01-12-12Java Enums Deserialization Problem
  0004809 [Documentation]
minornew11-28-11update: (private)
 0004840 [Quercus]
majornew11-05-11com.caucho.quercus.QuercusException: java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke: argument type mismatch
 0004815 [Hessian]
majornew10-19-11Deserializing Hessian 1 Response Fails with Java client
 0004793 [Hessian]
minornew10-10-11In performance test, the CPU is always over 90% even only 30 users
blocknew09-21-11Array cookies are not read properly
 0004772 [Quercus]
minornew09-20-11MediaWiki: "Method call 'isCurrent' is not allowed" when editing a new page
minornew09-18-11Quercus: open-x fails
 0004755 [Quercus]
minornew09-09-11setFormatOutput is unimplemented by Quercus but needed
 0004754 [Quercus]
minornew09-09-11Lazy compilation seems to have issues whereby common methods like define and trim are not found
blocknew09-04-11com.caucho.quercus.QuercusException: com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.PDO.getAttribute: This functionality has not been implemented.
crashnew09-01-11PHP compile error (private)
majornew08-30-11pq_query_params Return false, in case query is not SELECT
 0004703 [Quercus]
majornew08-08-11DateTime class does not implement createFromFormat() method
 0004686 [Quercus]
majornew07-27-11preg_replace_callback does not return empty groups
 0004674 [Quercus]
@0@new07-15-11Interface bug
minorfeedback07-06-11Problem displaying images with PDFLib
minornew07-06-11Quercus does not run with SimpleTest unit testing framework
minorfeedback07-06-11Working versus non-working PDFs
crashfeedback07-06-11java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 at at com.caucho.quercus.lib.regexp.RegexpModule$GroupNeighborMap.<init>
minornew06-17-11htmlentities seem to be mixing up multibyte strings
textnew06-16-11Quercus suffers from MySql SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS / FOUND_ROWS() Bug
 0004615 [Quercus]
majornew06-14-11Method Env.getRealPath doesn't work with path-mapping (compile mode)
blockresolved (domdorn)05-20-11NullPointerException in compile Quercus Page
crashresolved (domdorn)05-20-11date_create with time==null and timezone causes NPE
minorresolved (domdorn)05-19-11Quercus DOMDocument->saveXML($node) does not work
 0004565 [Hessian]
majornew05-19-11Hibernate PersistentMap serialization broken (again)
minornew05-16-11fsockopen can return null
minornew05-11-11can't support chinese words
 0004539 [Quercus]
minornew05-09-11JNDI Lookup doesn't work when using quercus war in jetty webserver (7.4.0)
 0004538 [Quercus]
majornew05-09-11PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY is an unknown constant
 0004522 [Quercus]
majornew04-27-11Case sensitive autoload
 0004510 [Quercus]
majornew04-17-11com.caucho.quercus.UnimplementedException: `mb_convert_kana' has not been implemented
majornew04-13-11wordpress 3.1 and 3.1.1 default install - administrator does not have rights to edit posts /wp-admin/
 0004498 [Hessian]
minornew04-12-11Hessian mapping of class names
majornew04-07-11mysql connection collation is not honored (wordpress)
minornew04-06-11Root-level namespace not working
majornew04-05-11IdentityIntMap.resize(int) does not take replaced objects into account
featureacknowledged03-30-11SoapClient not implemented
  0004464 [Documentation]
minornew03-29-11bloaqueado (private)
featurenew03-07-11Add http session/cookie support to HessianProxy
majornew02-25-11Function pack has a bug
 0004391 [Documentation]
majornew02-12-11CDI event system in CanDI has issue
 0004390 [Documentation]
majornew02-11-11Wrong JSF configuration is documented
minornew02-10-11Multipart messages get stuffed into a single mime part by Javamail
minorresolved (domdorn)02-10-11Quercus - vBulletin 4.0.5 - Error when editing signature
minorresolved (domdorn)02-10-11vBulletin - preview new topic caused IllegalStateException
 0004375 [Quercus]
majornew02-04-11QuercusScriptEngine leaks QercusContexts
 0004374 [Quercus]
majornew02-04-11XMLWriter::openURI does not support streams
majorfeedback02-02-11Missing: Warning: CURL option '75' unknown or unimplemented [curl_setopt]
majorresolved (domdorn)02-02-11file_get_contents in quercus 4.0.11 has bug.
 0004368 [Quercus]
minornew02-01-11pg_fetch_array(result, row, field); with row fiels set to null never go to next row
majornew01-29-11Missing log function with 2 parameters , second one as base as in the php documentation
 0004364 [Quercus]
majornew01-26-11sprintf method with "F" formatting should be non localized...
minornew01-12-11MicroHessianOutput writeBytes wrong size
 0004345 [Documentation]
majornew01-12-11cannot run project
 0004344 [Documentation]
majornew01-12-11project cannot run using hawtags- and Apache Tomcat 6.0.29 Server
 0004343 [Hessian]
featurenew01-12-11Expose HessianConnection's underlying HttpURLConnection
 0004339 [Quercus]
minornew01-11-11exec family of functions
minorresolved (domdorn)01-06-11var_dump(__FILE__); // returns string(7) string:
minornew01-05-11Multidimensional arrays not working properly
crashnew01-05-11Namespace error
minornew12-20-10strtodate does not work correctly
minornew12-08-10Catching ClassNotFoundException and continue in SerializerFactory
minornew12-07-10array_replace missing
 0004306 [Hessian]
minornew11-29-10EnumSet with null deserialization
 0004297 [Quercus]
minornew11-17-10ArrayObject can't access property with -> operator, like $arrayObject->property
 0004213 [Hessian]
minornew11-17-10Conversation Context not active when using HessianServlet
 0004296 [Quercus]
majornew11-16-10file_get_contents ignores offset parameter
 0004292 [Quercus]
majornew11-14-10PDO constructor fails to throw PDOException
minornew11-14-10PDO Can not connect Pgsql ,when pg port is not 5432.
 0004282 [Quercus]
majornew11-04-10Unable to read wordpres language files
majornew10-01-10Serialization fails for and
 0004277 [Quercus]
blocknew10-29-10Malformed header content-type with cURL extension
minornew10-27-10json_encode(double) not working like in native php
 0004268 [Quercus]
minornew10-21-10Security Algorithm Issue.
minorfeedback10-19-10Dynamic properties not working correctly
minorresolved (domdorn)10-07-10Variable $_SESSION doesn't exists before session_start()
blockassigned10-07-10mysql_fetch_assoc() discards data types
0004244 [Quercus]
minornew10-06-10zen_links with Quercus and Drupal
minornew09-28-10Refactor: MergePath does not include WEB-INF/lib/*.jar in Glassfish v3/non-resin
 0004224 [Quercus]
blocknew09-24-10Cannot retrieve VARCHAR/VARCHAR2 columns from Oracle 11g database
 0004219 [Quercus]
crashnew09-17-10com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.PDO.setAttribute: This functionality has not been implemented.
 0004200 [Documentation]
minornew09-02-10Custom protocol docs broken
 0004192 [Quercus]
featurenew08-30-10environmental parameters in php.ini
 0004184 [Quercus]
featurenew08-23-10enable spy & save-allocation-stack-trace dynamically
 0004165 [Hessian]
majornew08-05-10ArrayStoreException on deserializing a class with an unknown field
majorresolved08-04-10Deployment fails on Glassfish with "new" web.xml
 0004144 [Quercus]
minornew07-28-10Typecasting (array) is not taking the whole object tree to array
 0004142 [Quercus]
tweaknew07-26-10array_search is not work correctly when array and object element mixed in the array.
 0004141 [Quercus]
textnew07-26-10Quercus backslash in string is not fully compatible with PHP
 0004140 [Hessian]
minornew07-26-10Patch: HTTPS Connection Factory (allows for certificate security between client and server)
 0004139 [Quercus]
minornew07-25-10"unknown lexeme:/ in" error when a comment is between 'implements' keyword and '{'
minornew07-23-10hash_hmac always returning false
 0004121 [Quercus]
minornew07-13-10Adding Custom BBCode Causes Strange Text in phpBB 3.0.7-PL1
minornew07-13-10unserialize not compatible with php unserialize
 0004119 [Quercus]
minornew07-13-10token_get_all() parses interface as a string
 0004118 [Quercus]
minornew07-12-10Wordpress on GAE tries to access /dev/urandom
minornew07-12-10DirectoryIterator from SPL
 0004060 [Quercus]
majornew07-09-10Using quercus' curl module, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER false does not work
 0004079 [Quercus]
minornew07-09-10quercus PDO with jndi name relative to java:comp/env
0004114 [Quercus]
minornew07-09-10update "PHP API" and "PHP Extension" to current version
 0004077 [Quercus]
minorresolved (domdorn)07-09-10NPE in Env during cleanup
 0004101 [Hessian]
trivialnew07-01-10Fix Hessian PHP link
 0004100 [Hessian]
minornew07-01-10replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder for Android
 0004098 [Quercus]
minornew07-01-10Fatal Error: 'levenshtein' is an unknown function.
 0004097 [Hessian]
minornew06-30-10hessian sesson management
 0004084 [Quercus]
minornew06-17-10phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 bug with security option "Check IP against DNS Blackhole List"
majornew06-16-10Security exceptions with Hessian on google app engine
 0004080 [Hessian]
majornew06-16-10SecurityException thrown when serializing Throwable on Google App Engine
 0004072 [Quercus]
minornew06-08-10unset value does not seem to work correctly
 0004071 [Quercus]
majornew06-08-10Creating array with "string" as key dissappears
blocknew06-08-10PHP Type comparison not the same
minornew06-06-10strtotime not returning correct value-type
blocknew06-02-10Quercus array() type check on != not fully compatible with PHP
 0004058 [Quercus]
minornew06-01-10print_r not going through whole array when references are used
 0004056 [Quercus]
majornew05-28-10Env.getCookies crashing on _request (nullpointer exception) when in scriptcontext mode (JSR)
majornew05-28-10Drupal 6 update.php messes up database
minornew05-28-10CCK3 content multigroup in Drupal 6.16 not working correctly when viewing data (only first row-data is used to view)
blocknew05-28-10First value in Array is ignore when posting data
minornew05-23-10isset issues an E_NOTICE on unset variable
 0004046 [Hessian]
majornew05-22-10Hessian serializer incorrectly serializes objects when field is overloaded
 0004045 [Hessian]
minornew05-19-10Hessian SSL client
minornew05-14-10Remove flex imports from Hessian2Input/Output for ActionScript
 0004040 [Hessian]
majornew05-13-10Hessian servlet returns unencapsulated fault messages
 0004036 [Quercus]
majornew05-12-10Wordpress 3 dashboard broken with Tomcat compression
 0004027 [Hessian]
majornew05-05-10Client gets RemoteException instead of BusinessException
 0004016 [Hessian]
minornew04-27-10utf-8 toString conversion
 0004015 [Hessian]
majornew04-26-10Exception: expected binary at 0x41 (when trying to read an InputStream in a Hessian Client)
blocknew04-25-10Quercus incompatible with CodeIgniter
majornew04-21-10Server side exception could not be serialized to cilent side.
majornew04-14-10Querecus wordpressMU title column in posts list is blank
crashnew04-11-10using php session_start() always causes a crash
 0003973 [Documentation]
minornew03-30-10Forum doesn't work
 0003958 [Quercus]
majornew03-24-10WordPress titles don't show up
 0003959 [Quercus]
majornew03-24-10PHP parsing errors
blocknew03-23-10mysql_connect hostname substition by mangling jndi name
minornew03-21-10Problem using DomDocument
 0003856 [Hessian]
tweaknew03-19-10Catering for NULLs passed to JavaDeserializer in place of SqlTime, SqlDate, SqlTimestamp
 0003931 [Hessian]
minornew03-08-10expires in Hessian for rest-style responses
 0003930 [Hessian]
minornew03-08-10Invocation exception in HessianServlet
 0003926 [Quercus]
minornew03-05-10amfphp sees Java object names, not php
majornew02-27-10SerializerFactory doesn't return the correct deserializer
 0003917 [Quercus]
minornew02-25-10libxml2 for IP.Board
 0003910 [Quercus]
minornew02-22-10implement attribute setting functions in php oci8 1.4.1
 0003909 [Quercus]
minornew02-22-10implement oci_fetch_array with OCI_RETURN_NULLS flag
 0003908 [Quercus]
minornew02-22-10oci_field_name() fields should be 1 based
 0003907 [Quercus]
minornew02-22-10oci_fetch_array OCI_ASSOC flag
 0003906 [Quercus]
minornew02-22-10easy connect syntax for oci_connect()
 0003905 [Documentation]
minornew02-22-10explain resin:import
majornew02-22-10com.caucho.quercus.QuercusModuleException: java.lang.StackOverflowError
 0003901 [Quercus]
minornew02-20-10JSR 223 javax.script ServletContext issue
 0003899 [Quercus]
minornew02-20-10NullPointerException in private message reply - phpBB3 3.0.6
 0003881 [Quercus]
minornew02-07-10extending or implementing unknown classes does not create error messages or incorrect messages
 0003868 [Quercus]
minornew01-29-10symfony - Class "JobeetCategory" must implement a "getPrimaryKey" method
 0003845 [Hessian]
minornew01-11-10HessianServlet should pass debug setting to created HessianSkeleton objects
 0003843 [Quercus]
majornew01-10-10com.caucho.quercus.QuercusModuleException: java.lang.StackOverflowError
 0003761 [Documentation]
minornew01-07-10update resin schemas in documentation
 0003836 [Hessian]
minornew01-07-10HessianDebugState ClassCastException
 0003827 [Quercus]
minornew01-06-10quercus standalone: does not switch to pro mode with tomcat 5.5
 0003833 [Quercus]
blocknew12-01-09PDO not implemented method
 0003831 [Quercus]
minornew12-26-09Quercus: simultaneous compilation
 0003830 [Quercus]
minornew12-26-09Quercus Parser too "nice": Type Hints & Default values
 0003828 [Quercus]
majornew12-24-09wordpress import fails under quercus
 0003824 [Quercus]
minornew12-22-09moodle bug
blocknew12-21-09Variable scoping issues in loops!!!!
minornew12-20-09Certain PHP 5.2 functions not available
 0003820 [Hessian]
minornew12-19-09Hessian spec incorrectly has 0x41 for non-final binary encoding
majornew12-17-09accessing an array element
 0003816 [Documentation]
minornew12-16-09update log docs for 4.0
majornew12-11-09Simple strpos of µ character fails
 0003796 [Quercus]
majornew12-02-09pg_query_params doesn't return true value on non-select statements
 0003788 [Quercus]
majornew11-27-09Support Moodle with Quercus.
majornew11-23-09array_keys function alters passed in array
minornew11-20-09Mysql too many connections
majornew11-19-09Unable to read image data for some JPEGs, unable to generate valid GIFs
 0003771 [Quercus]
minornew11-18-09Error Adding BBCode Tags in phpBB3
 0003755 [Quercus]
minornew11-11-09modx - strict mode check
 0003743 [Hessian]
featurenew11-05-09Hessian C#
 0003742 [Quercus]
minornew11-04-09Jetty 6 - Permgen OutOfMemoryError on redeploy
 0003735 [Documentation]
minornew10-30-09need 4.0 documentation for persistent-store and use-persistent-store
 0003734 [Quercus]
minornew10-30-09JISQL: NullPointerException with Drupal and jetty
 0003724 [Quercus]
majornew10-29-09include_once return value does not match specs
 0003714 [Quercus]
minornew10-16-09NullPointerException in ob_start() (Kohana framework)
 0003713 [Hessian]
minornew10-16-09serialization/deserialization of java.math.BigDecimal
 0003707 [Quercus]
minornew10-13-09ADOdb ADONewConnection in CMS made simple
 0003705 [Quercus]
minornew10-06-09ext/filter module not implemented (phpMyAdmin 2.5.x)
 0003698 [Quercus]
minornew09-27-09get_browser different from php's
 0003697 [Hessian]
majornew09-24-09java.util.Locale causes HessianProtocolException
0003370 [Quercus]
minornew09-22-09joomla 1.5.9 not working
 0003693 [Hessian]
featurenew09-22-09Extend Micro Hessian to allow for larger arrays/strings
 0003689 [Documentation]
minornew09-17-09Document using Drupal with geoserver
 0003652 [Quercus]
minornew09-10-09file_get_contents() fail if I mix up path names with '/' and '\' - Windows
 0003682 [Quercus]
minornew09-09-09joomla 1.5 - 'JObject' is an unknown class
 0003681 [Quercus]
minornew09-09-09php 5.3 namespaces support
 0003676 [Documentation]
featurenew09-04-09Document using Drupal with Apache Solr
 0003661 [Quercus]
minornew09-01-09mail() does not set Message-ID header properly
 0003656 [Hessian]
minornew08-28-09hessian remove jndi dependencies
 0003638 [Documentation]
minornew08-17-09relaxng schema not available for 4.0
 0003635 [Quercus]
minornew08-17-09com.caucho.quercus.QuercusRuntimeException: bad UTF-8 sequence
 0003625 [Quercus]
blocknew08-04-09Unable to use Oracle Database with oci8
 0003613 [Quercus]
minornew07-29-09unknown lexeme:»
 0003615 [Hessian]
minornew07-29-09split hessianservlet
 0003614 [Documentation]
minornew07-29-09Update Quercus debugging documentation
minornew07-27-09Call Stack getting broken (apparently)
 0003608 [Quercus]
majornew07-24-09"private" access level ignored
 0003606 [Hessian]
minornew07-22-09hessian servlet deploy enhancements
 0003602 [Quercus]
minornew07-20-09stack overflow on recursive class inheritance
majornew07-20-09phpMyAdmin has problem with padding of cleartext for blowfish decryption
 0003565 [Quercus]
minornew06-18-09get_object_vars don't respect PHP visibility
 0003562 [Quercus]
minornew06-16-09$_SERVER SSL variables
majornew06-12-09Marshalling cost estimation doesn't work with values represented by Var
majornew06-08-09Potential Encoding issues preventing the appropriate display of essential features in blog software b2evolution.
minornew06-05-09jndi naming broken/different
featurenew06-04-09phpLDAPadmin application requires LDAP modules to be available in Quercus
 0003540 [Documentation]
minornew05-01-09Cannot print the resin-4.0-admin.pdf
 0003529 [Quercus]
minornew05-22-09Using the QuercusScriptEngine on command line throws a fatal error.
minornew05-21-09xmlrpc support
0003526 [Quercus]
crashnew05-20-09resin restarts due to OutOfMemory heap (phpBB3)
blocknew05-20-09Reference not preserved in compiled mode
 0003520 [Quercus]
minornew05-16-09imagettftext doesn't return bounding box
featurenew05-13-09Need post-send shutdown functions
 0003495 [Hessian]
minornew05-09-09Delegate construction of HessianProxy to an overridable method
 0003494 [Hessian]
featurenew05-09-09Add SSLSocketFactory property on HessianProxyFactory
 0003479 [Quercus]
minornew05-05-09ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on bbPress install
 0003478 [Quercus]
blocknew05-05-09Joomla 1.5.10 on Quercus 3.2.1 gives mysql error on some pages and delivers broken pages
 0003474 [Quercus]
minornew05-04-09Write not supported exception with WordPress theme editor
 0003473 [Quercus]
featurenew05-01-09API to force a dependency check
majornew04-30-09quercus float/rounding bug
minornew04-30-09Inconsistent Documentation
 0003463 [Quercus]
minornew04-28-09regex error
 0003461 [Quercus]
minornew04-27-09Qcodo does not work with Quercus
majornew04-26-09Objects without TTLs still disappear from APC
 0003459 [Quercus]
minornew04-25-09is_resource() returns true for closed connections
 0003451 [Quercus]
minornew04-19-09java_bean does not work as documented
0003435 [Quercus]
minornew04-03-09respect safe_mode=off setting
 0003433 [Quercus]
minornew04-02-09CakePHP 1.2 on quercus
 0003430 [Hessian]
minornew04-01-09Hessian client fails to connect through proxy when using chunking
 0003425 [Documentation]
minornew03-30-09broken links in
 0003419 [Quercus]
minornew03-26-09pligg 9.9.5: Warning: Can't convert BooleanValue to BinaryOutput
 0003407 [Quercus]
majornew03-22-09NPE running ProjectPiewr
minornew03-20-09Setting "unicode.semantics = on" in php.ini fails WordPress
majornew03-19-09substr() function returns wrong results and even breaks the whole script for certain utf-8 strings
 0003380 [Documentation]
textnew03-10-09Serialization Deflation tutorial typo
featurenew03-05-09Make Quercus JSR 45 Compatiable to allow PHP debugging with Java IDE
majornew03-01-09hessian 3.2.1 does not work with phphessian while hessian 3.1.6 does
minornew02-25-09IMAP module needed for SugarCRM
 0003322 [Documentation]
minornew02-05-09reference documentation incorrect
majornew01-30-09Serializing objects that contain an instance of themselves causes Java exception
 0003306 [Quercus]
blocknew01-29-09Cannot proceed in the Database configuration step during Drupal 6.9 installation
 0003303 [Quercus]
blocknew01-29-09ClassCastException exception upon logout in vanilla forum 1.1.5a
 0003302 [Quercus]
minornew01-29-09Download source link does not work
minornew01-28-09mysqli_errno returns 0 when error happened
0002999 [Quercus]
blocknew01-22-09LDAP for moodle
 0003283 [Quercus]
minornew01-19-09CData sections don't appear to work with SimpleElement
0003275 [Quercus]
featurenew01-16-09Function renaming / replacement
 0003266 [Hessian]
minornew01-15-09Hessian custom serialization
minornew01-15-09Can't insert empty string into numeric column in MySQL
majornew01-14-09Serializable not supported
minornew01-04-09mysql_connect timeout is too long
0003206 [Quercus]
minornew01-04-09drupal page cache - bad gzip encoding
minornew01-04-09mysql_query treats MySQL warnings as failures
0003175 [Quercus]
minornew01-04-09Backtraces contain odd paths when using URL rewriting
0003173 [Quercus]
featurenew01-04-09Share PHP code between webapps
0003149 [Quercus]
minornew01-04-09code version switchover
 0003207 [Quercus]
majornew12-29-08javax.scripting using Quercus Engine and PHP includes
 0003196 [Quercus]
minornew12-26-08Quercus source from databases
majornew12-25-08PostgreSQL support for Gallery
 0003121 [Quercus]
minornew12-05-08mysql_query about chinese included
0003110 [Quercus]
minorassigned (nam)12-01-08SugarCRM formatting issues
0003109 [Quercus]
minornew12-01-08upload limits too small
0003107 [Quercus]
0003106 [Quercus]
minornew12-01-08EmailMarketer from inspire
 0003072 [Documentation]
majornew11-14-08Mantis Internal file size limit
 0003064 [Quercus]
majornew11-11-08DOMNamedNodeMap cannot be used in foreach statement
 0003050 [Quercus]
majornew11-06-08Method Unimplemented when installing SilverStripe
 0003048 [Quercus]
 0003027 [Quercus]
minornew10-28-08regexp utf-8 issue
featurenew10-27-08Feature Request for DB connect strings
 0003018 [Quercus]
minornew10-21-08at com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.OracleModule.oci_error() ClassCastException
minornew10-21-08mysql error on jetty+linux, but no on jetty+winxp
 0003016 [Quercus]
minornew10-21-08remote mysql databases do not work
 0003015 [Quercus]
minornew10-21-08quercus on weblogic - HOW-TO
 0003014 [Quercus]
minornew10-21-08phpbb3 text input encoding issue
 0002978 [Hessian]
minornew09-29-08Synchronize Hessian Flash type mapping to AMF type mapping
 0002968 [Hessian]
minornew09-25-08Hessian deserialization of timestamps
majornew09-23-08Using Hessian Binary Web Service Protocol with the AJP protocol (Apache Tomcat Connector)
minorassigned (nam)09-19-08curl and SSL
 0002893 [Quercus]
minornew09-02-08getCategoryList (function) not found/unloaded
 0002872 [Hessian]
minornew08-26-08allow JSR-310 (Java Date and Time) for Hessian implementation
minornew07-28-08Hessian customization
minornew05-29-08mysql/mediawiki transaction timeout
 0002689 [Quercus]
minornew05-22-08XSLT processing
 0002510 [Hessian]
featurenew03-13-08Add method tag support to HessianService
 0002160 [Hessian]
minornew03-05-08Hessian/C# communication
 0002352 [Hessian]
minornew03-05-08Hessian: serializing large data