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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
minoracknowledged03-22-12Quercus: AppendIterator is an unknown class
   0003919 [Quercus]
minorassigned03-22-12java.lang.IllegalStateException on post preview in
minorconfirmed03-22-12Quercus - vBulletin 4.0.5 - Error when trying to add avatar
minorfeedback03-22-12Java String variable argument lists.
   0004554 [Quercus]
majoracknowledged03-22-12Class variable "not found" if null
   0004310 [Quercus]
majorassigned03-22-12inconsistent behavior for declared attributes when accessed from member functions versus public member access
majornew03-09-12No 4.0.24 Maven dependency in Caucho M2 repository
majornew02-26-12Memory leak due to ServiceContext not clearing ThreadLocal
majornew01-12-12Java Enums Deserialization Problem
   0004809 [Documentation]
minornew11-28-11update: (private)
   0004840 [Quercus]
majornew11-05-11com.caucho.quercus.QuercusException: java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke: argument type mismatch
   0004815 [Hessian]
majornew10-19-11Deserializing Hessian 1 Response Fails with Java client
   0004793 [Hessian]
minornew10-10-11In performance test, the CPU is always over 90% even only 30 users
blocknew09-21-11Array cookies are not read properly
   0004772 [Quercus]
minornew09-20-11MediaWiki: "Method call 'isCurrent' is not allowed" when editing a new page
minornew09-18-11Quercus: open-x fails
   0004755 [Quercus]
minornew09-09-11setFormatOutput is unimplemented by Quercus but needed
   0004754 [Quercus]
minornew09-09-11Lazy compilation seems to have issues whereby common methods like define and trim are not found
blocknew09-04-11com.caucho.quercus.QuercusException: com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.PDO.getAttribute: This functionality has not been implemented.
crashnew09-01-11PHP compile error (private)
majornew08-30-11pq_query_params Return false, in case query is not SELECT
   0004717 [Quercus]
minornew08-18-11SimpleTest does not work in Quercus
   0004703 [Quercus]
majornew08-08-11DateTime class does not implement createFromFormat() method
   0004686 [Quercus]
majornew07-27-11preg_replace_callback does not return empty groups
   0004674 [Quercus]
@0@new07-15-11Interface bug
minorfeedback07-06-11Problem displaying images with PDFLib
minornew07-06-11Quercus does not run with SimpleTest unit testing framework
minorfeedback07-06-11Working versus non-working PDFs
crashfeedback07-06-11java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 at at com.caucho.quercus.lib.regexp.RegexpModule$GroupNeighborMap.<init>
minornew06-17-11htmlentities seem to be mixing up multibyte strings
textnew06-16-11Quercus suffers from MySql SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS / FOUND_ROWS() Bug
   0004615 [Quercus]
majornew06-14-11Method Env.getRealPath doesn't work with path-mapping (compile mode)
crashnew05-22-11IndexOutOfBoundsException when deserializing Google Collections
blockresolved (domdorn)05-20-11NullPointerException in compile Quercus Page
crashresolved (domdorn)05-20-11date_create with time==null and timezone causes NPE
minorresolved (domdorn)05-19-11Quercus DOMDocument->saveXML($node) does not work
   0004565 [Hessian]
majornew05-19-11Hibernate PersistentMap serialization broken (again)
minornew05-16-11fsockopen can return null
minornew05-11-11can't support chinese words
   0004539 [Quercus]
minornew05-09-11JNDI Lookup doesn't work when using quercus war in jetty webserver (7.4.0)
   0004538 [Quercus]
majornew05-09-11PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY is an unknown constant
   0004522 [Quercus]
majornew04-27-11Case sensitive autoload
   0004510 [Quercus]
majornew04-17-11com.caucho.quercus.UnimplementedException: `mb_convert_kana' has not been implemented
majornew04-13-11wordpress 3.1 and 3.1.1 default install - administrator does not have rights to edit posts /wp-admin/
   0004498 [Hessian]
minornew04-12-11Hessian mapping of class names
majornew04-07-11mysql connection collation is not honored (wordpress)
minornew04-06-11Root-level namespace not working
majornew04-05-11IdentityIntMap.resize(int) does not take replaced objects into account
featureacknowledged03-30-11SoapClient not implemented
   0004464 [Documentation]
minornew03-29-11bloaqueado (private)
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