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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0003461 [Quercus]
minornew04-27-09Qcodo does not work with Quercus
majornew04-26-09Objects without TTLs still disappear from APC
   0003459 [Quercus]
minornew04-25-09is_resource() returns true for closed connections
   0003451 [Quercus]
minornew04-19-09java_bean does not work as documented
minornew04-18-09Mint web analytics package installs but does not function correctly
  0003435 [Quercus]
minornew04-03-09respect safe_mode=off setting
   0003433 [Quercus]
minornew04-02-09CakePHP 1.2 on quercus
   0003430 [Hessian]
minornew04-01-09Hessian client fails to connect through proxy when using chunking
   0003425 [Documentation]
minornew03-30-09broken links in
   0003419 [Quercus]
minornew03-26-09pligg 9.9.5: Warning: Can't convert BooleanValue to BinaryOutput
   0003407 [Quercus]
majornew03-22-09NPE running ProjectPiewr
minornew03-20-09Setting "unicode.semantics = on" in php.ini fails WordPress
majornew03-19-09substr() function returns wrong results and even breaks the whole script for certain utf-8 strings
   0003380 [Documentation]
textnew03-10-09Serialization Deflation tutorial typo
featurenew03-05-09Make Quercus JSR 45 Compatiable to allow PHP debugging with Java IDE
majornew03-01-09hessian 3.2.1 does not work with phphessian while hessian 3.1.6 does
minornew02-25-09IMAP module needed for SugarCRM
   0003322 [Documentation]
minornew02-05-09reference documentation incorrect
majornew01-30-09Serializing objects that contain an instance of themselves causes Java exception
   0003306 [Quercus]
blocknew01-29-09Cannot proceed in the Database configuration step during Drupal 6.9 installation
   0003303 [Quercus]
blocknew01-29-09ClassCastException exception upon logout in vanilla forum 1.1.5a
   0003302 [Quercus]
minornew01-29-09Download source link does not work
minornew01-28-09mysqli_errno returns 0 when error happened
  0002999 [Quercus]
blocknew01-22-09LDAP for moodle
   0003283 [Quercus]
minornew01-19-09CData sections don't appear to work with SimpleElement
  0003275 [Quercus]
featurenew01-16-09Function renaming / replacement
   0003266 [Hessian]
minornew01-15-09Hessian custom serialization
minornew01-15-09Can't insert empty string into numeric column in MySQL
majornew01-14-09Serializable not supported
minornew01-04-09mysql_connect timeout is too long
  0003206 [Quercus]
minornew01-04-09drupal page cache - bad gzip encoding
minornew01-04-09mysql_query treats MySQL warnings as failures
  0003175 [Quercus]
minornew01-04-09Backtraces contain odd paths when using URL rewriting
  0003173 [Quercus]
featurenew01-04-09Share PHP code between webapps
  0003172 [Quercus]
featurenew01-04-09Add switch to ease content-length debugging
  0003149 [Quercus]
minornew01-04-09code version switchover
   0003207 [Quercus]
majornew12-29-08javax.scripting using Quercus Engine and PHP includes
   0003196 [Quercus]
minornew12-26-08Quercus source from databases
majornew12-25-08PostgreSQL support for Gallery
majornew12-10-08com.caucho.hessian.client.HessianConnectionException: 500: Socket closed
   0003121 [Quercus]
minornew12-05-08mysql_query about chinese included
  0003110 [Quercus]
minorassigned (nam)12-01-08SugarCRM formatting issues
  0003109 [Quercus]
minornew12-01-08upload limits too small
  0003107 [Quercus]
  0003106 [Quercus]
minornew12-01-08EmailMarketer from inspire
   0003072 [Documentation]
majornew11-14-08Mantis Internal file size limit
   0003064 [Quercus]
majornew11-11-08DOMNamedNodeMap cannot be used in foreach statement
   0003050 [Quercus]
majornew11-06-08Method Unimplemented when installing SilverStripe
   0003048 [Quercus]
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