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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0005935 [Baratine]
minornew08-14-15Malformed escape pair at index 30: bartender://fe80:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%lo0:54871/bartender
blocknew07-30-15serialize/unserialize unicode(CJK) string yields unkown characters sometimes.
   0005931 [Quercus]
minornew07-29-15query params missing from resin-forwarded url
   0005924 [Baratine]
minornew07-02-15javax.script should work with detached classloader
   0005922 [Baratine]
minornew06-30-15multipod deployment
   0005917 [Quercus]
featurenew06-13-15c:\resin\webapps\ROOT\World.php:5: Fatal Error: 'hello_test' is an unknown function.
   0005911 [Baratine]
minornew05-25-15ClassCastException: ChannelServerJampRpc cannot be cast to ChannelServerJamp
   0005899 [Quercus]
majornew05-13-15Unable to install themes in wordpress using Quercus
   0005897 [Baratine]
minornew05-11-15StackOverflow in MarshalBean.convert()
   0005896 [Baratine]
minornew05-06-15Result.complete(HashMap) returns an empty Map
   0005889 [Baratine]
minornew04-29-15baratine ls /usr shows no sub-directories
   0005888 [Baratine]
minornew04-28-15better support for deleting child resources from services
   0005887 [Baratine]
minornew04-28-15exception in @OnLoad doesn't complete JAMP request
featurenew04-19-15can't overwrite protected member value (on quercus-4.0.39)
   0005883 [Quercus]
majornew04-17-15quercus-4.0.42.war, Wordpress 4.1.1 fault with more than 1 page
   0005879 [Baratine]
minornew04-14-15kraken: where clause (float) obj.field.subfield between (?,?)
   0005878 [Baratine]
minornew04-14-15NPE: kraken/2813
   0005852 [Quercus]
majornew02-14-15[RFE] Implement simplexml_import_dom in Quercus
   0005831 [Baratine]
minornew11-21-14jvm-args not being picked up
   0005829 [Baratine]
minornew11-20-14deployment extlib
   0005827 [Quercus]
minornew11-18-14ReflectionMethod alternative constructor not supported
   0005823 [Quercus]
blocknew11-10-14Fatal Error: Can't use object 'com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.MysqliResult' as array
   0005816 [Baratine]
minornew10-28-14command shell enhancements
majornew09-18-14Quercus 4.0.39 undeployable to GlassFish Server 4
majornew07-07-14Var function is not supported?
   0005774 [Quercus]
majornew07-07-14SVNRev: 10251: Several SPL iterators not implemented, resulting in failures of Zend >= 1.11.9
   0005773 [Quercus]
trivialnew07-07-14context parameter of custom PHP errror handler should be of type array
featurenew07-07-14UnimplementedException during installation of SPIP
   0005771 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14ReflectionClass lacks getInterfaceNames()
   0005770 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14spl_autoload_functions() returns a list of strings that are not plain method names
   0005769 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14substr() with a negative 2nd argument larger than the string length
   0005768 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14ReflectionClass->getProperties() with an argument raises a warning
   0005767 [Quercus]
minornew07-04-14Multiple names per single "use" keyword
   0005759 [Baratine]
minornew06-19-14add undeploy command.
   0005758 [Baratine]
minornew06-19-14@AfterBatch configuration
   0005754 [Baratine]
minornew06-14-14create a maven archetype for baratine
   0005751 [Quercus]
minornew06-11-14utf8 is garbled for postgres
   0005750 [Quercus]
minornew06-10-14RecursiveFilterIterator is not implemented
   0005746 [Quercus]
minornew06-03-14wordpress plugin.php ArgGetValue UnsupportedOperationException
   0005743 [Baratine]
minornew06-02-14doc: explain threading in detail
   0005742 [Baratine]
minornew06-02-14doc: better explain proxy async support
   0005739 [Baratine]
minornew05-29-14can't inject ResourceManager
   0005738 [Baratine]
minornew05-29-14com.caucho.jmx.Jmx.find() does not work with new server-ip'ed names
   0005730 [Quercus]
minornew05-04-14FILTER_VALIDATE_URL not implemented
   0005728 [Quercus]
minornew05-01-14__get()/__set() doesn't work for private parent fields
   0005720 [Quercus]
minornew04-29-14get_defined_constants() needs to accept one argument
   0005721 [Quercus]
minornew04-29-14ini_get_all() needs to accept two arguments
   0005719 [Quercus]
minornew04-17-14stream_get_contents() is not seeking to specified offset
   0005712 [Documentation]
minornew04-08-14centering of pages (private)
minornew04-07-14stream_get_meta_data() does not work with php://temp streams
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