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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0005746 [Quercus]
minornew06-03-14wordpress plugin.php ArgGetValue UnsupportedOperationException
   0005743 [Baratine]
minornew06-02-14doc: explain threading in detail
   0005742 [Baratine]
minornew06-02-14doc: better explain proxy async support
   0005739 [Baratine]
minornew05-29-14can't inject ResourceManager
   0005738 [Baratine]
minornew05-29-14com.caucho.jmx.Jmx.find() does not work with new server-ip'ed names
   0005730 [Quercus]
minornew05-04-14FILTER_VALIDATE_URL not implemented
   0005728 [Quercus]
minornew05-01-14__get()/__set() doesn't work for private parent fields
   0005720 [Quercus]
minornew04-29-14get_defined_constants() needs to accept one argument
   0005721 [Quercus]
minornew04-29-14ini_get_all() needs to accept two arguments
   0005719 [Quercus]
minornew04-17-14stream_get_contents() is not seeking to specified offset
   0005712 [Documentation]
minornew04-08-14centering of pages (private)
minornew04-07-14stream_get_meta_data() does not work with php://temp streams
   0005695 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14go through a delete example with output
   0005694 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14surround the JDK8 callback with print statements to highlight nonblocking
   0005693 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14give example ouput for automatically-created resources
   0005692 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14explain ResourceService indexing for queries
   0005691 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14explain what happens if the put _id is different from the URL _id
   0005690 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14need to better explain that service resources are different instances
   0005689 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14need to introduce and explain the singleton service
   0005688 [Baratine]
minornew03-17-14need to clarify @Modify for modifying service fields
   0005680 [Documentation]
minornew03-08-14Mantis product version popup missing versions
   0005679 [Documentation]
minornew03-08-14WIki page has broken formatting
   0005677 [Quercus]
minornew03-05-14implement SimpleXMLIterator
   0005675 [Quercus]
minornew02-28-14wordpress-3.5.1 does not work with Undertow servlet engine
   0005666 [Quercus]
minornew02-20-14implement SplPriorityQueue and SplStack
   0005664 [Quercus]
minornew02-19-14implement DirectoryIterator->isDot()
  0003996 [Quercus]
featurenew02-10-14memcache support
   0005651 [Quercus]
minornew02-06-14quercus pro WAR does not recognize licenses
   0005634 [Quercus]
minornew01-17-14use Apache HttpClient for CURL in order to support SSL client certificates
   0005580 [Quercus]
minornew01-14-14PHP: PDOStatement->rowCount()
   0005610 [Quercus]
minornew01-14-14Quercus servlet: file path calculation error
   0005628 [Quercus]
minornew01-03-14imagetruecolortopalette() not implemented
   0005586 [Quercus]
minornew11-12-13DomDocument UTF-8 Encoding problem
   0005585 [Baratine]
minornew11-11-13store loses all items when redeploying WAR file
   0005577 [Documentation]
minornew11-03-13need to explain load-balance-weight in depth
   0005576 [Documentation]
minornew11-03-13<resin:LoadBalance> strategy and sticky-session config not documented in depth
   0005556 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13keepalive overflow and resin becomes unresponsive
   0005507 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13makai service cannot access its own non-public static inner classes (private)
   0005508 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13no console logging for when non-startup makai service fails to start up (private)
   0005527 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13baratine debugging issues (private)
   0005546 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13need ability to intercept (jamp) websocket messages
   0005547 [Baratine]
minornew10-22-13throw exception if jamp is serializing/deserializing long value greater than N/M
   0005553 [Hessian]
minornew10-11-13Deserialization fails if there are fields of the same name in the class and its superclass.
   0005538 [Quercus]
majornew10-02-13CRLF Injection in Resin 4.0.37 and earlier (private)
   0005534 [Quercus]
minornew09-24-13auto_prepend_file does not work via Quercus command line client
   0005533 [Quercus]
minornew09-24-13allow specifying php.ini file to Quercus command line client
   0005526 [Quercus]
minornew09-11-13constant recompiling of PHP files in Windows
   0005511 [Quercus]
majornew08-28-13unserialize() fails with IOException when unserializing PHP class the implements Serializabe
   0005509 [Quercus]
minornew08-23-13PDO::ERRMODE_SILENT not honored
   0005505 [Quercus]
minorassigned (nam)08-22-13parse_ini_string() not implemented
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