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0000011 [Resin] minor always 03-01-05 00:00 05-11-05 00:00
Reporter ferg View Status public  
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Priority high Resolution fixed  
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Summary 0000011: mod_caucho loses correct configuration knowledge
Description RSN-1
(rep by M Moriyama)

If Resin runs with mod_caucho + Apache 2 (in this state, everything is working ok, e.g. is served correcly) and:

Resin is stopped (while Apache is running),
a page which would normally be servered by Resin (e.g. is accessed
Resin is started

mod_caucho seems to forget all settings and keeps on returning 503s for all jsps.

The attached file "caucho-status-working" shows caucho-status after a fresh "Resin->Apache" start, everything is working. The file "caucho-status-not-working" shows the caucho-status just after Resin has been started again (no. 3. above); if the same page (e.g. is accessed, only a 503 is shown.

With this state, an Apache stop -> start doesn't help, caucho-status shows the same status "caucho-status-not-working". Neither does a Resin stop, Apache stop, Resin start, Apache start help, caucho-status shows still the not working status.

What only helps in this situation is to delete the cached config file /tmp/ and to restart Apache. The file "" is the cached config file while mod_caucho is working ok. "" is the file after mod_caucho has forgotten all settings and which I have to delete.

While caucho-status shows the "not-working-status", Resin itself, which we access via port 9090, serves the jsps without any problems.

We see this on Red Hat 9, JDK 1.4.2, Apache 2.0.52. and are the same machine ("eos").

In httpd.conf, we have:
   ResinConfigServer 6802
   AddHandler caucho-request .jsp .wz
   <Location "/*.jsp">
       Order deny,allow
       Allow from all
       SetHandler caucho-request
   <Location "/*.wz">
       Order deny,allow
       Allow from all
       SetHandler caucho-request

   <Location "/eastbeam">
       SetHandler caucho-request

   CauchoStatus true
   <Location /eastbeam/intern/admin/caucho-status>
       SetHandler caucho-status

   <Location /WEB-INF/*>
       Deny from all
   <Location /lib/*>
       Deny from all

In resin.conf, we have:
       <http server-id="eos" host="" port="9090"/>
           <srun server-id="eos" host="" port="6802"
       <host id=''>
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03-01-05 00:00

results of /caucho-status
03-01-05 00:00

contents of mod_caucho cache file
03-01-05 00:00

the plugins, including mod_caucho, were not properly saving all the state for the server to recreate the most recent configuration information.

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03-01-05 00:00 ferg New Issue
11-30-05 00:00 administrator Fixed in Version  => 3.0.13

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