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926 minor always 02-09-06 09:39 02-10-06 11:41
closed 3.0.17  
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0000926: localhost_8025 not working with 3.0.17
(rep by Mutsubu Inayama)

       We have been encountering difficulty launching our applications using resin 3.0.17. The only way we can get our apps to work on 3.0.17 is to launch the app using 3.0.10, bring down the app, install resin 3.0.17 and then launching the app using 3.0.17.

        We believe that the reason we cannot bring our app using a fresh install of resin 3.0.17 is because of the file localhost_8025. It appears that we can successfully bring up the app using 3.0.17 only after the localhost_8025 has been generated by resin 3.0.10 beforehand. Bringing up the app on a fresh install of 3.0.17 does generate the localhost_8025 file, but is different from the one generated by 3.0.10 and does not seem to work. Please advise.

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