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851 minor always 01-10-06 08:46 01-11-06 10:26
closed 3.0.17  
none 3.0.18  
0000851: JVM halt (deadlock ?) at rotation time
(rep by Thomas Moorer)

I have been running resin-pro-3.0.17 for a week or so and for the past few nights it has stopped
responding at midnight. The last entry in the stdout.log is timestamped 23:59:58 and then it seems
to grind to a halt. It stops serving any files. If I try to connect through a browser it hangs and
eventually times out. When I check the logs files there are no error messages, but the log files
don't roll. I have them set to roll every day (in resin.conf)

    <stdout-log path='/usr/local/web/logs/' rollover-period='1D'
    <stderr-log path='/usr/local/web/logs/' rollover-period='1D'

Is anyone else using 3.0.17 and running into this issue? If so, what can I do to fix (besides
rolling back to a previous version)? It is obviously not good that the server stops responding.

01-11-06 10:26   
AbstractRolloverLog was using java.util.logging to log error messages encountered during rollover. This could cause a deadlock when its own log was being rolled over.