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820 minor always 01-06-06 09:48 01-19-06 14:34
closed 3.0.17  
none 3.0.18  
0000820: add auto-flush to access-log
(rep by Rick Ross)

It would be REALLY HELPFUL if you would add an option to the resin.conf to allow us to flush the logs after each line is added. When we're trying to "tail" logs to see what is causing a problem (or, more often "who" is causing a problem) we have to deal with intermittent blasts of large numbers of log lines. It would be much more valuable to be seeing a near realtime stream of log records passing by. Resin's log caching results in hundreds of lines per burst at intermittent intervals. It is much more difficult to comprehend.

We don't care at all about the hit to performance. Viewing a log stream of this type is often our most effective tool for finding a problem, or a problem user.

01-19-06 14:34