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805 major unable to reproduce 01-06-06 01:17 01-19-06 15:27
closed 3.0.17  
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0000805: Pages are sometimes not served completely
Reported by MindLink:

We have problems with the resin 3.0.17 we just downloaded from
Pages are sometimes not served completely.

The problem seems related to the socket JNI lib.

When running in open source mode the pages are served fine!

This affects both 3.0.16 and 3.0.17. We have tested 3 windows machines with xp pro, xp64 and a win2003 server. All fully patched.
I saw the same problem with Resin 3.0.14 on some Linux machines. Pages were served not completely.

Disabling JNI solved the problem.

The problem didn't occur on all of 4 Linux machines, just on 3 of them that were not fully patched. When the problem occurs, it happens all the time.

It didn't seem to be a problem with buffer size, as the pages were less than 16K.

The site was also NOT using SSL.

01-19-06 15:27   
The issue is related to the use of setsocketopt with SNDTIMEO and RCVTIMEO on windows. Windows does not support those options, so Resin needs to go back to select() calls on windows.