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6295 minor always 11-13-19 02:57 04-14-20 17:06
closed 4.0.63  
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0006295: spring cannot find WebApplicationInitializer classes in the classpath when using resin cloud deploy
(rep by J. Meyer)

When a triad member starts afresh (no resin-data, no webapps), it downloads deployed webapps from the other triad members and deploys them locally. Spring webapps would fail to deploy properly because Spring is unable to find WebApplicationInitializer classes in the classpath, indicating a classloader issue.

Good deploy:
[19-11-07 16:15:10.285] {resin-55} WebApp[production/webapp/default/billingservice,STARTING] 2 Spring WebApplicationInitializers detected on classpath
[19-11-07 16:15:57.114] {resin-port-8888-84} WebApp[production/webapp/default/billingservice] map (uri:/bill -> dispatcherServlet)

Bad deploy:
[19-11-07 16:09:30.193] {resin-78} WebApp[production/webapp/default/billingservice,STARTING] No Spring WebApplicationInitializer types detected on classpath
[19-11-07 16:10:25.731] {resin-port-8888-73} WebApp[production/webapp/default/billingservice] map (uri:/bill -> resin-file)

1. resinctl start --server app-0
2. resinctl start --server app-1
3. resinctl deploy my-spring-webapp.war
4. test webapp on app-0 and app-1 => works fine
5. shutdown app-1, delete resin-data and webapps
6. resinctl start --server app-1
7. test webapp on app-1 => 404

nam: unable to reproduce so far with a test spring webapp

04-14-20 17:06   
Continue from exception when a single .class does not scan properly.