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0006063: JSSE properties settings issues
(rep by Marc Wiest)

Weíve just (or wanted to) upgrade resin to 4.0.52, when we faced the following problem:


A program that works perfectly well on 4.0.49 is starting to throw SSLHandshakeExceptions when making an HTTPS connection to


The program snippet is plain simple (using Spring REST Template):


// Set header

        HttpHeaders requestHeaders = new HttpHeaders();

        requestHeaders.set("Content-Type", "application/json; charset=UTF-8");


        // Assemble and send request

        RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();

        HttpEntity<?> httpEntity = new HttpEntity<Object>(requestBody.toString(), requestHeaders);

        return, HttpMethod.POST, httpEntity, String.class);


Nothing special.

We first thought it would be the Java JRE issue and downgraded that to what we had previously but that didnít make a difference. However, downgrading resin back to 4.0.49 solved the problem.


Can you imagine why this is happening? Is resin setting any system properties on cipher suites, etc. that would affect outgoing HTTPS connections from the application?

I personally donít see how it can be resinís fault, but it obviously is!


Weíre running on Debian and OpenJDK 1.8.0_131.


07-05-17 15:40