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6059 minor always 05-25-17 11:18 06-05-17 14:58
closed 4.0.52  
none 4.0.53  
0006059: PHP is not reloaded after modification
Related to [^] Says that has been fixed, but for PHP problem still exists. Actual for Pro version only. I've finally investigated it myself:

There was a change in QuercusContext::preload method

in 4.0.47:

return gen.preload(className);

in 4.0.52:

// preload only looks inside work dir, QuercusCompiler needs the full classpath
//return gen.preload(className);
return gen.load(className);

The difference between JavaClassGenerator::load and JavaClassGenerator::preload is only in one string:

Class<?> cl = loadClass(fullClassName, preload: false);
Class<?> cl = loadClass(fullClassName, preload: true);

Yes, preload variable in JavaClassGenerator::loadClass method controls classloader, but it also controls that code:

if (! preload)
  return cl;

if (isModified(cl)) {
  return null;

Which means that modification is not checked anymore and existing PHP page class always gets preloaded whenever any modification actually happened or not.

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