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5984 minor always 03-01-16 23:20 05-09-16 11:19
closed 4.0.47  
none 4.0.49  
0005984: broken
The bin/ script in resin 4.0.48 is broken.

It starts by determining ${RESIN_HOME} variable, that generally evaluates to "./.."

Then in cd-s there (that is correct)

Then it tries to execute ./../lib/resin.jar, which now actually points one level above the actual lib directory.

A possible fix is to normalize RESIN_HOME by adding

RESIN_HOME=`readlink -f $RESIN_HOME`

after RESIN_HOME="$bin/.."

, or just skipping the cd command altogether
The affected system is Centos 7.2 x86_64, but I believe that this bug is not system dependent.

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