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5957 crash sometimes 11-07-15 05:49 11-10-16 14:58
closed 4.0.46  
none 4.0.50  
0005957: Deployment of war file causes Java to use 100% CPU and Resin to crash
When deploying a new version of the .war file when the .war file already exists (over-writing the current .war file) within the webapps directory, sometimes when Resin deploys that version over-writing the current folder / version Resin crashes completely and Java uses 100% CPU.

To reproduce this, placing a .war file in webapps directory of any virtual host for example myapp.war that file is then deployed into the myapp directory within webapps. You then update that file and replace myapp.war which makes Resin re-deploy the application in the webapps directory, sometimes this causes Resin to crash and Java to use 100% CPU.

11-10-16 14:58   
Now uploads entire .war as single file instead of splitting the contents.