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5907 minor always 05-16-15 05:14 06-03-15 08:31
Mathias Lagerwall  
closed 4.0.44  
none 4.0.45  
0005907: Images sent with wrong content type
The images are still sent with the wrong content type string. (This issue is the same as 4778 and 5271 reported earlier.)

Content-Type: image/gif; charset=UTF-8

Images (gif, jpg, png) should not be sent with a charset in the content type.

This is causing us a lot of troubles and we are forced to deliver the images from an Apache server instead. Most browsers does not pay attention to the extra charset and they work fine. However we have other clients reading images from us and they are decoding the content with the charset specified. This causes the images to get mangled.

Mathias Lagerwall   
05-16-15 06:25   
This seems to be connected to the

<servlet servlet-name="resin-file" servlet-class="com.caucho.servlets.FileServlet">
06-03-15 08:31