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5850 major always 01-27-15 03:03 04-01-15 16:29
closed 4.0.42  
none 4.0.44  
0005850: Performance of dynamic class loader
Performance of dynamic class loader worse in 40 times than Resin standard class loader.

Library Aspose.Words [^]

See the sample index.jsp which uses a single class from Aspose.Words

Variant 1. aspose-words.jar placed in WEB-INF/lib. Time is 8.553 sec.
Variant 2. aspose-words.jar placed in %RESIN_HOME%/lib. Time is 0.219 sec.
The problem is linked with issue 0005549. Now Resin classloader loads Aspose.Words classes successfully from WEB-INF/lib but time is bigger than if the library is placed in Resin lib folder.
 index.jsp [^] (339 bytes) 01-27-15 03:03

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