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5498 minor always 08-16-13 16:51 10-04-13 10:22
none 4.0.37  
0005498: utf-8 encoding issues
(rep by Jon Scarborough)
We've been having an issue for awhile that I've finally been able to isolate and reproduce in a consistent way. It appears that there's an issue with Resin processing UTF-8 characters in some cases.
I've attached a simple war file that demonstrates the issue, simple deploy the war, and point at this URL:

http://localhost:8080/utftest-war-1.0/return_file.jsp?filename=chatFull9980251 [^]
There are a number of other files in the webapp that demonstrate the same issue, all of which were saved as the errors occurred in our production environment.

I've tried running these files through iconv to validate that the UTF-8 encoding is valid, and they've passed.

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