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new 4.0.28  
0005497: Support for GZIP compression
This is a very similiar request as: [^]

The best compression choice for http compression is "gzip".

Taken from Wikipedia: [^]

deflate - despite its name the zlib compression (RFC 1950) should be used (in combination with the deflate compression (RFC 1951)) as described in the RFC 2616. The implementation in the real world however seems to vary between the zlib compression and the (raw) deflate compression.[5][6] Due to this confusion, gzip has positioned itself as the more reliable default method (March 2011).

It would be great if "Accept-Encoding" would be extended to "gzip, deflate" and both encodings would be supported. This can be archived with just a couple of lines.
A possible solution:

conn.addHeader("Accept-Encoding", "gzip, deflate");

    if ("gzip".equals(contentEncoding))
        return new GZIPInputStream(_conn.getInputStream());
    return _conn.getInputStream();

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