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5396 feature always 03-14-13 00:17 03-14-13 23:55
new 4.0.35  
0005396: `oci_connect with charset'
Hi&65292;I am a programer in China. In our country, we use the charset ?GBxxx' or 'utf-8' to show characters like '&19968;&20108;&19977;&22235;&20116;&20845;' as '123456' , and so on. I have tried Quercus4.0.25 and Resin4.0.35 to run PHP applications in my Java website. But I When I use the extension "oci" to conect Oracle db, I got a message
 "com.caucho.quercus.UnimplementedException: `oci_connect with charset' has
not been implemented. A more recent version of Quercus may be available
at [^] Requests for unimplemented features can
be entered in the bugtracking system at". [^] with the code


and if I use oci_connect($user,$pass,$db), I will get blank where they should be some english or chinese characters. Maybe there is a bug,(maybe it's caused by my oracle setting), I suggest implementing this feature( oci charset), thanks.

03-14-13 23:55   
Now I know what caused my bug??I should use ojdbc6 driver with jre6.