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5385 minor always 03-04-13 09:11 03-11-16 04:00
Moritz Lapp  
new 4.0.7  
0005385: Hessian IdentityIntMap ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
This is a follow-up to 0005239, albeit from someone else...
Basically, we ran into the same problem as described in 0005239 using hessian 4.0.7 as downloadable from [^] and fixed it ourselves without knowing that a new version existed.

However, in our fix, we not only modified com.caucho.hessian.util.IdentityIntMap#put(Object, int, boolean), but com.caucho.hessian.util.IdentityIntMap#get(Object) as well. Though we took a slightly different approach, a matching patch is attached and should serve you well.

It's just that we're a bit afraid that the IdentityIntMap might not only be used for put only, but that the very same problem might arise for get as well, as both rely on the same System#identityHashCode behavior. [^] (589 bytes) 03-04-13 09:11

03-11-16 04:00   
Hello, in which next release this fix will be added?