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5261 minor always 10-25-12 18:19 01-17-13 14:24
closed 3.1.12  
none 3.1.13  
0005261: XADataSource: rolling back failed distributed transaction
req by: Takahiro Fukuda

For fixing in 3.1.13

<Reproduction procedure>
&12288;1.XAResource.prepare() of Resouce-B(SD) is executed.
  XAResource.prepare() of Resouce-A(BAPF) is not executed.
 -> break point is line 626
 -> force shutdown resin server.
2.Resin restart.

At the Resin restarting, it calls "forget".
We think that Oracle can not do "forget" after executing "prepare".
XAResouce.XAER_PROTO error occurs.

Oracle can do "rollback" after executeing "prepare".
We want you to correspond to this specification to the Resin's
recovering process.

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