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515 minor N/A 12-19-05 06:08 12-30-05 10:07
bago 3.0.15  
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0000515: Quercus CVS access
It would be better to have cvs access to the latest quercus release in order to create a community around this cool toy.
As far as I understand from the sourcecode comments quercus is released under the GPL so it would be better if such a repository would be mantained by caucho to avoid someone to branche the code on sourceforge or something similar.

I also think that quercus is a great standalone product and you should also redistribute is as a standalone package with a BSF wrapper and a standard (non resin-specific) Servlet wrapper. I liked the presence of a mustang's ScriptEngineFactory.

12-30-05 10:07   
svn:// [^]