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5087 feature always 05-19-12 09:41 05-22-12 15:51
closed 4.0.27  
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0005087: Resin EL problems with Primefaces and JSF 2.1
It seems like the EL provided with Resin is a bit out of date.
For example Primefaces 3.2 and up throw an exception if you use thier DataGrid and DataTable on Resin while the same thing works with Glassfish. So to use Primefaces with Resin you have to provide your own EL resolver. A bit of a hassle at least.

Also with resin you can not to something like this action=#{myBean.action(myparam} witch should work with a newer EL.

05-20-12 08:46   
Actually I fixed my primefaces problems by getting the el-api 2.2, unpacked the javaee-16.jar and replaced the contents of javax.el. So far no sideeffects.

Only thing I noticed to keep track of the patch I tried to name the new file javaee-16-patch and then resin blew up at start. So I guess the file name is important?
05-22-12 14:00   
Can you provide more details on the exception?

The action syntax is a useful bug report, but it's more difficult for us to to work from a bug report that just says primefaces throws an exception.
05-22-12 15:51   

Closing for the method call test/fix. If more details are available from the primefaces exception, please open a new bug report.