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0005055: Slow response with save-mode=after-request
When using session-config save-mode=after-request, responses to the client are delayed by the time it takes to serialize, CRC, and persist the session. The description of after-request says "Save the session after the request has been served and completed". This is true, however the response is stored in the buffer but not flushed to the client unit the request is "finished".

The response needs to be flushed before the session is persisted.
Reported by IHG

05-06-12 12:00   
Response is delayed only using load-balance. HmuxLoadBalancerServlet waits for the HMUX_QUIT signal before flushing the response to the client, which HmuxRequest does not deliver until after the invocation is complete. HttpRequest does not suffer from this, thus connections direct to the app-tier are faster for the 1st request.

Additionally, all requests of a keep-alive sequence except the 1st are delayed for session persistence. Even though the session is persisted after the response is written, the connection thread is busy persisting the session and not available to process the next incoming request.

load-balance-connect-timeout and load-balance-socket-timeout are significant here, because if the pier app-server is unresponsive or slow, the delay can be significant.

05-09-12 17:04