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5010 major sometimes 04-02-12 05:03 06-11-12 15:42
closed 4.0.27  
none 4.0.28  
0005010: BaseTypeFactory may cause classloader leaks
Looks like another possible classloader leak in Resin, that will come into play if the LRU cache is not turned around fast enough.
Supposedly, those caches should be cleared at application redeploy.
 resin4027.png [^] (54,268 bytes) 04-02-12 05:03
 resin4027b.png [^] (68,999 bytes) 04-02-12 05:19
 resin4027_repeat.png [^] (54,268 bytes) 05-29-12 22:00
 resin4027b_repeat.png [^] (68,999 bytes) 05-29-12 22:00

04-02-12 05:19   
May have been a bit quick there. Looks more likely that the com.caucho.config.inject.InjectManager should be disposed when application is redeployed, but that does not seem to work as expected.
04-03-12 07:58   
It does seem, that the problem is that InjectManagers higher up in the hierarchy ("host:default", "resin-system:" and even "") keeps classes of our web app in their _beanMap (and potentially BaseTypeFactory LRU cache).

Don't know if it is relevant, that in our particular case, it is the backing bean of the JSF error page, declared in web.xml <error-page>
06-11-12 15:42   
The primary issue looks like an internal class creation of the AnnotationLiteral that's capturing the current context, but being saved in a global context.