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0004870: Might have found another bug wrt to auth key error even when authkeys match
The last bug I reported might negate this one as it seems there wan an issue passing -address.

Take this with a grain of salt, but something seems a bit off wrt auth key....

I can't do a remote deploy with just user name and password.

It is forcing me to have an auth key.

This is probably the expected behavior. I know we spoke about it a few times. I thought if they had a user/pwd an auth key is not required.

That said.....

Even if I do have an auth key, it still fails with an auth key error. I am pretty sure this is a bug.

Requires auth key even when I have a user name / password (possible bug, might be expected behavior)
When I put auth keys in both location (Amazon AMI and local Ubuntu) it still fails.

Let me document the latter. Just in case I am doing something stupid.

Here is the error message:

Ubuntu Local Box:

$ resinctl deploy blog-0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.war -name blog -address -port 8080

com.caucho.bam.BamException: HmtpClient[,NullActor[HmtpClient@]] [^] resin-system-auth-key does not match the server's value

I have added a system-key to on the Ubuntu box as follows:

rick@ubuntu:~/resincloud_demo/target$ grep teamamericafuckyeah /etc/resin/

system-key : teamamericafuckyeah

Amazon AMI Remote Box:

Just to be sure I don't spell something wrong... I cut/paste from my Ubuntu command window to my ssh session with Amazon AMI.

[ec2-user@domU-12-31-39-0B-6E-66 ~]$ grep teamamericafuckyeah /etc/resin/

system_key : teamamericafuckyeah

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