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4815 major always 10-19-11 05:36 10-19-11 05:36
new 4.0.7  
0004815: Deserializing Hessian 1 Response Fails with Java client
When using the Java client library if you specify that you expect a Hessian 1 response the de-serialization fails because the library still creates a Hessian2Input stream rather than a HessianInputStream.

The error is on line 202 of HessianProxy:

in = _factory.getHessianInput(is);

The default HessianProxyFactory has the following implementation for getHessianInput():

  public AbstractHessianInput getHessianInput(InputStream is)
    return getHessian2Input(is);

It seems that HessianProxy should be modified to explicitly request a Hessian 1 Input Stream from the proxy factory.

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