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4740 minor always 08-01-11 16:23 10-04-11 09:56
none 4.0.23  
0004740: Snapshot PDF CPU profile, show Active and All; Show active first
The profile that is in the snapshot report is the same as the "All" tab on the profile admin page. I ran some load tests. All of my code, the stuff I am interested in, seems to be on the "Active" tab not the "All" tab.

It would seem like the "Active" tab would be more important to developers who use Resin, and the "All" tab would be more important to us.

My suggestion is to put the "All" profile in the report after the JMX dump, and put the "Active" profile right after the graphs; otherwise, it seems like the profile information developer's care the most about is lost in the mix.

Can you add this to the bug track?

(I'd actually want both to be next to each other, with the "Active" first, but that's less important.)

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