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4692 major always 07-31-11 09:31 08-04-11 10:26
closed 4.0.20  
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0004692: Broken HttpSession.maxInactiveInterval behavior
Somewhere between 4.0.18 and 4.0.20, session lifetimes stopped working as expected.

To reproduce, configure a web-app as follows:


1. Unzip the attached jsp:s, and request stest.jsp. Note that maxInactiveInterval changes from 7200 (expected) to 69120 (waay off) when something is jsp:included during the first request. Also note that isNew() is false after the jsp:include.

Reloading the page shows that maxInactiveInterval is stuck at 69120.

2. Edit stest.jsp and set doInclude=false. Restart your browser and request stest.jsp again. Note that maxInactiveInterval == 7200 both times (as expected).

Now set doSetInterval=true and keep reloading. Note that maxInactiveInterval is 7200 the first time and 1800 the second time.

3. Restart your browser and request/keep reloading stest.jsp. Note that maxInactiveInterval == 1800 this time - it seems that setMaxInactiveInterval() only "sticks" when called during a session's very first request. [^] (780 bytes) 07-31-11 09:31

08-04-11 10:26