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0004664: Add minium database connection pool size to handle bursts for bursty applications
Notes sent to customer:

Regarding your question around Oracle pooling and connections and your comments about how long it takes to create an Oracle connection and the burst nature of your application, we decided to add a minimum pool size feature. Current our DB pool has a max connection pool size, but not a minimum connection pool size. This will be in release 4.0.20 or 4.0.21.

Currently, we create a connection if it does not exist when you call dataSource.getConnection(), and again you seemed concerned that this is an expensive operation and it might be happening too often.


Until we add the minimum pool feature, note that the connection stays around until it times out based on max-idle-time. If you feel that the system is creating connection too often to Oracle and you want to reuse connections from burst to burst, just set the max-idle-time to a much higher value (24 hours) as it defaults to 30 seconds (you also want to bump up max-pool-time and max-active-time to be several factors of max-idle-time, i.e., 48 hours and 72 hours).

Since the connection is going to be around a lot longer, you may want to setup a ping on it so you can verify it stays alive. [^]

10-07-11 11:55