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4650 minor always 07-01-11 16:43 08-01-11 17:27
closed 4.0.19  
none 4.0.21  
0004650: Sessions from previous Resin instance silently being reused on very first request to new instance
If the very first request received by a Resin instance uses a RequestDispatcher to include a JSP, the session will be silently replaced with a session that was created during a previous execution of Resin.

To reproduce:
1. Start Resin.
2. Make a request that sets a session value to 'A'.
3. Stop Resin.
4. Start Resin.
5. Make a request that sets the same session value to 'B' and then includes a JSP via a RequestDispatcher. In the JSP, display the session value and observe 'A'.
6. Make subsequent requests, and observe that all future requests work normally.
The attached very simple war file (source included inside) demonstrates the problem.
 session-test.war [^] (7,014 bytes) 07-01-11 16:43

08-01-11 17:27   
Unable to reproduce.

Also: session-test.war appears broken.