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closed 4.0.19  
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0004639: CLOSE_WAIT
(rep by Mark Price)

we've noticed some odd behaviour with sockets being left in CLOSE_WAIT state inside of resin.
Attached are two outputs from netstat taken 15 minutes apart that show several connections in this state for the duration of that period. The server in question is not handling a great deal of traffic, in fact the source of about half of the connections is a local monitoring process which essentially does a web-ping to the resin server (and cleanly closes its connection). We also saw this behaviour in out production environment, with sockets remaining in this state for several hours.

>From what I can gather, CLOSE_WAIT implies that the tcp stack is waiting for the local application to close the socket. We are using a pre-release version of resin 4.0.19 - is this a known issue?

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