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0004618: MovedPermanently in cluster
(rep by Aaron Freeman)

>> 2) I don't think MovedPermanently works at the cluster level -- thinking
>> >> it may only work at the host level, making this use case not possible.
>> >> Can someone verify that? Any reason why it couldn't work at the cluster
>> >> level in future releases?
> > You can always use<host-default> to apply a rule across all virtual hosts.
Interesting, I will give that a shot.

> > URL dispatching is owned by the virtual host. The cluster level doesn't
> > understand URLs, so it doesn't make sense to dispatch a URL in the
> > cluster level.
Does that mean the example,, [^] is fundamentally different then? Maybe it's doing something other than "dispatching" for Forward to work by MovedPermanently to not work? I can see why both wouldn't work at the cluster level and was surprised to see that example, actually, but just assumed that if Forward could work then MovedPermanently

06-17-11 13:46