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0004571: java.lang.ClassCastException: tag file with script + custom tag
rep by SHINOMIYA Nobuaki

corresponding new qa: 3.1/jsp/102c

We get ClassCastException in deploying a JSP in some situation. This
exception is thrown when the JSP meets following three conditions.

1. The JSP uses a custom tag in which scriptlets is implemented.
2. Another custom tag is used Inside that custom tag (which is
described in 1),
   and this custom tag does not use any scriptlet.
3. Inside the custom tag (which is described in 2), logic:iterate tag
   which is provided by Struts is described.

The example of the JSP which meets those conditions is as follows.

        <logic:iterate name="hogeForm" property="hogeList" id="hogeList">
          <html:text name="hogeList" property="hogeData" indexed="true" />

nest1.tag (with scriptlet)

    <%@ tag pageEncoding="UTF-8" %><% /*scriptlet*/ %><jsp:doBody/>

nest2.tag (with no scriptlet)

    <%@ tag pageEncoding="UTF-8" %><jsp:doBody/>

I also attach the following files. error message, JSP file, tag files,
generated java files when the exception occurred

Will you help us to find out why this error happens?

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