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4454 minor always 03-26-11 06:16 04-06-11 11:09
domdorn Ubuntu x64  
ferg Linux  
normal 10.10  
closed 4.0.16  
none 4.0.17  
0004454: admin: rest.php?q=mod_status not working
fresh installation of resin 4.0.16

http://localhost:8080/resin-admin/rest.php?q=mod_status [^]
does not work and yields an error:

/usr/local/resin-4.0.16/doc/admin/WEB-INF/php/ Fatal Error: Method call 'getSamplePeriod' is not allowed for a null value.
install fresh resin open source 4.0.16
setup admin
access admin
click on rest-> mod status

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