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0004294: 4.0.x migration issues
(rep by Dan Kelly)

  In Resin 3.1.7a we:

* removed jpa-15.jar and
* added hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.0.Final.jar to Resin's lib directory
* added our mysql driver

For 4.0.12 we:

* updated our persistence.xml to state the SQL dialect (MySQL)
* removed eclipselink.jar
* added our mysql driver

There were some other steps we needed to take outside of the database stuff:

* comment out some of our Authenticator (we extend AbstractAuthenticator, form login w/ SSL). It seems like some of this has changed in 4. We had code in 3 that doesn't work in 4, which is just commented out for now but we need to get back to it. We were using CauchoRequest and some of the cookie capability, etc. when we extended AbstractAuthenticator.

* We had to swap out resin-support.jar and swap in resin-spring.jar

* In Quercus $request is replaced with quercus_servlet_request() in some of our PHP pages -- which you helped us find in a previous post to resin-user (thanks again)

Now that I write it down it doesn't seem like too much to do but it took some debugging time to get everything corrected. The migration information on the Caucho Wiki seemed to focus on other areas (like configuration, etc) so it wasn't clear exactly what changed in all cases. That or we didn't look hard enough for more information (certainly a possibility). Hope this helps.

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