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4202 major always 09-07-10 10:30 01-17-11 16:47
closed 3.1.10  
none 4.0.15  
0004202: Watchdog / Server Performance Spike
I am using the watchdog in an ISP configuration with multiple hosts, all started and controlled via the watchdog. When editing 1 of N hosts under a single watchdog, and there is an error in domain.conf resin has performance issues(possible memory leak).

Resin will continue to eat up more and more server resources, I assume until the server will crash. I have not let it go that long, but within just minutes the server will spike in load average as seen in running an "uptime" command.

This is repoduced by having the watchdog, attempt to resart without have a good conf file. I assume that the issue is that resin in looping in its attempt to restart the broken conf. file. Maybe after some number of restarts of conf with error in, watchdog will drop it from looping sequence.

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