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4140 minor N/A 07-26-10 11:48 07-26-10 11:48
0004140: Patch: HTTPS Connection Factory (allows for certificate security between client and server)
I've written an HTTPS Connection Factory which allows key and trust managers to be configured; this is a useful feature for us -- and I suspect anyone else who uses certificate authentication.

I can't find information on contributions so I thought I would file a bug report and hope the recipient of the report can submit the patch.
The patch is very low impact, largely being a duplication of the existing HessianURLConnectionFactory type (since the only thing that's truely required in the hessian codebase is something that will set up the SSLSocketFactory on the HttpsURLConnection type). The main modifications start are line 74-82 (and 50-55 which is the constructor and space to store its param)

If you choose not to apply this patch it would be very useful if the HessianURLConnection constructor was made protected and HessianURLConnectionFactory had a protected void setCustomOptions(URL, URLConnection) -- this would minimise the amount of duplication we have from the hessian codebase
 HessianHTTPSURLConnectionFactory [^] (4,690 bytes) 07-26-10 11:48

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