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0004138: WebApps tab (start, stop, restart) not using selected server in Server Dropdown menu in Resin-Admin
We're running resin clustered with two servers.

Switching servers in the server dropdown inside of Resin Admin is ignored when starting/stopping or restarting web apps.

For example, If I shutdown server 2 entirely... then from resin-admin select the web-apps tab; select a web-app, I can successfully restart my chosen web-app on the first server.

If I then leave the web-tier on server 1 running, shut down the app-tier on server 1 and turn on the app-tier on server 2; from resin-admin I am able to select server 2 from the drop down and restart my chosen web-app. The web-app on server 2 will restart.

If I have both app-tiers running, selecting the "other" server from the dropdown has no effect on which server the web-app is actually restarted on. It will always restart the webapp on the same server. So in the above example, while in resin-admin on server 1; selecting server 2 from the dropdown displays the web-apps. Clicking on the web I select restart and the app restarts on server 2. Selecting server 1 from the dropdown also shows the webapps on server 1, clicking restart on my selected application still restarts the application on server 2.

I tried on different browsers and the above result is always the same.
The expected result is that selecting a command from the web-apps tab in resin-admin performs that action on the server selected from the servers dropdown menu.
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