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0004129: bind-ports-after-start for apache
(rep by Wesley Wu)

ake caucho apache module to act (maybe should be configurable) as below :

When check a Resin instance whether it is ready to accept connections,
make sure it's not only started normally, but also all CDI startup beans were
already initialized and deployed (after @PostConstuct call finished maybe).

The problem supposed to be solved:

I have some @Startup beans to load various configrations from both
property files and database tables in their @PostConstuct methods.

This stage usually takes 40~100 seconds to finish.

Should I call this stage a deployment stage, Or they're indeed tasks which
the Resin App Server deployment stage will do?

Almost every my web request (filters/servlets) has dependencies to
these configurations. There won't be any requests be served and
they'll be all blocked by either locks I defined or something else until
the deployment stage finish.

So I need the caucho apache module not to redirect requests to a resin
instance in deployment stage, because it's just not ready yet!

I have to suffer from a 40~100 seconds request halt/blocking after bring a resin
instance on in a cluster, whose forend is an apache httpd server, of course
without restarting the httpd service.

Hope I described the problem and the request.
Or there's any way out to solve this problem currently?

01-17-11 15:37