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4102 minor always 07-01-10 15:43 08-02-10 10:36
closed 4.0.7  
none 4.0.10  
0004102: post data not available for multipart/form-data POST request after calls to getParameter*
section 3.1.1
The following are the conditions that must be met before post form data will be
populated to the parameter set:
1. The request is an HTTP or HTTPS request.
2. The HTTP method is POST.
3. The content type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
4. The servlet has made an initial call of any of the getParameter family of methods
on the request object.
If the conditions are not met and the post form data is not included in the parameter
set, the post data must still be available to the servlet via the request object?s input
stream. If the conditions are met, post form data will no longer be available for
reading directly from the request object?s input stream.

08-02-10 10:36   

Removing the <multipart-form> tag in the app-default.xml will disable that behavior. Since the fix for 4.0.10 is just to comment out that tag in the standard app-default.xml, the workaround is the same as the fix.