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4001 major always 04-16-10 10:16 05-18-10 15:19
closed 4.0.6  
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0004001: runaway watchdog process
(rep by Jamie Novak)

I am unable to determine what?s causing it, but the WatchdogManager process
spins out of control and uses between 150-200% of the CPU and never backs off.
No useful information is logged in the watchdog-manager.log regardless of what
I set the log level to. (Should I be doing something different with our
logging? Is my config just sending some of it to the bit bucket instead of
somewhere that I can see it?)

When I start up just the web-tier, everything runs fine. I?m able to access our
simple static HTML file that says ?welcome to this server?. The moment I
attempt to start one of our clusters in addition to that, however, the watchdog
begins chewing up CPU and never stops. The clustered site starts up and is
accessible, but there?s obviously something wrong at the watchdog level that I
can?t figure out.
may be related to the keepalive select manager timing out prematurely

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