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feedback 4.0.5  
0003974: QuercusView for Spring MVC integration no longer works in 4.0.5
Our company has been using QuercusView to make Quercus PHP our View implementation for Spring MVC successfully since 4.0.3.

However, attempting to upgrade to 4.0.5 (for both Resin and resin-spring) shows that QuercusView no longer works and the application is nonfunctional. Previously QuercusView populated $GLOBALS based on the model information it was passed, but now in 4.0.5 $GLOBALS always starts off empty except for a reference to itself. It has not been populated in any way.

Looking at the changelogs, namespaces were introduced in this maybe part of the problem? Is there a workaround, or are we going to have to abandon Quercus for JSPs? (I hope not.)

10-07-10 07:17   
Oops.. this has been open for too long. Have you found a workaround?
are you still using quercus for your view layer?
10-07-10 07:39   
No, we long since abandoned it because this was unresolved. 4.0.3 had a problem with Glassfish which caused it to generate infinite logfiles until the disk filled up...evidently this was later fixed, but we were unable to upgrade because of this bug.

Our codebase is now all Groovy Server Pages.