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3917 minor always 02-25-10 11:57 02-25-10 11:57
new 4.0.5  
0003917: libxml2 for IP.Board
(rep by derickso)

IP.Board 3.0 Requirements Checker

Checking minimum version (5.2.1)...FAIL
You must be running PHP v5.2.1 or greater to use IP.Board 3.0. You are currently running version 5.2.0. Please ask your host to move you to a server running PHP v5.2.1 or greater.

Checking for SPL...Pass

Checking for DOM XML Handling...FAIL
The DOM XML Handling extension is required for IP.Board 3.0. Please ask your host to install the libxml2 library.

Checking for GD library...Pass

Checking for GD2...Pass

Checking for mysql support...Pass

Checking for JSON...Pass

Please also remember that MySQL 4.1 or higher (MySQL 5.0 or higher preferred) is required for IP.Board 3.0. Ask your server administrator to check the version of MySQL on your server if you are unsure.

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