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3853 minor always 01-19-10 09:23 03-31-10 12:28
closed 4.0.3  
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0003853: timestamp in logging seem to jump between local and UTC
rep by: Jamison Novak
I keep forgetting to report this, but it looks like something is wonky with log timestamps in 4.0.3 (and may go back further in 4.0; I can't remember). Here's an example of the time jumping back and forth between our local time (CST) and what I assume is UTC:
[2010/01/19 00:55:59.871] INFO in [sid:] [rid:] [pid:] Running the ResetManager.
[2010/01/19 06:58:03.374] INFO in [sid:] [rid:] [pid:] Running the ResetManager.
[2010/01/19 06:58:06.511] INFO in [sid:] [rid:] [pid:] Running the ResetManager.
[2010/01/19 00:58:21.156] INFO in [sid:] [rid:] [pid:] Running the ResetManager.
[2010/01/19 00:58:29.607] INFO in [sid:] [rid:] [pid:] Running the ResetManager.
For reference, this is in one of our instances's stdout.log and continues throughout the log . It does not appear to happen in the other logs (jvm, gc).
In case it's of interest to narrow it down, here's how we specify our logs in resin.xml:
  <log-handler name="" level="info" path="stdout:"
       timestamp="[%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S.%s]"
       format="${log.level} in ${} ${log.message} ${log.thrown}"/>
  <logger name="com.caucho" level="info"/>
  <logger name="" level="config"/>
  <logger name="com.caucho.loader" level="config"/>
Under host-default (since ${} is missing):
     <stdout-log path="${resin.root}/log/${}-stdout.log"
       rollover-period="1D" rollover-count="14"/>
Let me know if you need anything else, or if you think this is a configuration issue and want me to change something on my end and verify.

02-18-10 11:53   
Thanks. That should be enough information. Looking at the code, though, I don't see yet why there would be a switch. The calendar is unique to the formatting and doesn't switch time zones (in other words, it's not shared with a different calendar for a non-local time.)