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0003828: wordpress import fails under quercus
I'm using latest Quercus SVN snapshot (24/12/2009) on Java EE5 SDK (GlassFish) to run the latest version of WordPress (2.9.0, and also tested with 2.8.6).

I'm trying to import a WXR file created by a previous version of WordPress: in WordPress management console, under Tools->Import, choose import from "WordPress" and use the attached WXR file. WordPress reports the file is successfully imported along with 22 comments.

However, the comments do not appear when viewing the imported post, and also do not appear under the comments section of the blog management console (or they do appear, but not connected to the imported post).

The import works perfectly ok when used on a native PHP blog (without Quercus), including on blogs.

This issue prevents me from moving a couple of high profile blogs that currently run native PHP to run Quercus.
 wordpress.2009-12-18.xml [^] (36,799 bytes) 12-24-09 05:05

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