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3774 minor always 11-19-09 12:10 11-20-09 06:17
new 4.0.0  
0003774: Mysql too many connections
(rep by juancho_h) [^]

I have a little problem currently i'm using resin 3.1.9 and don't have any problem. But when i move the same site to resin 4.0.1 I've an error "Mysql too many connections".

11-20-09 06:17   
I found what was happening.
I'm migrating this site from Apache/Php to quercus, i found that when i check if i'm connected to mysql i'm using a "instaceof mysqli" but on this version this don't works, and for every query i'm connecting again to mysql, on a cicle I connect to db every time. This is my mistake, but in file web.xml I was configured max-connection to db to 10 and in mysql server I have max connections to 200. I'm setting anything wrong on the web.xml or realy it's a bug?