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3714 minor always 10-16-09 08:28 10-16-09 08:28
new 4.0.0  
0003714: NullPointerException in ob_start() (Kohana framework)
(rep by L. Stanley)

This is the line that it is crapping out on.

                ob_start(array(__CLASS__, 'output_buffer')); --
commenting out this line, stuff starts to work again.

Odd, the __CLASS__ is the class name, and output_buffer is a real
method in the Kohana class But it never seems to even call the
output_buffer method at all. Seems to get to ob_start which is
expecting a callback object who is inherited its meaning from the
value class. After I got to function isArray returning false, I was
like hmm, lost me. I guess I need to review all off quercus source to
understand the flow better.

But these are the different forms I know ob_start takes now:

ob_start(string MethodName);
ob_start(array(string ObjectName, string MethodName));
ob_start(array(object* ObjectReference, string MethodName));

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