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3695 minor always 09-24-09 11:07 10-29-09 16:01
none 4.0.2  
0003695: use file.encoding as default
(rep by Jeff Schnitzer)

I wrote up a quick blurb on the issues surrounding character encoding
on the Resteasy list recently: [^]

The short of it is that, if you can get away with it, you should set
UTF-8 everywhere. In particular, you should set the platform default
with -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 and ensure that all your pages are rendered
in utf-8 (ie with the JSP directive). It's cool that Resin has a
config parameter for this, but it will be obviated by setting the
platform default - right, Scott?

The main problem is that POSTed form data will be sent by the browser
in whatever charset encoding was used on the host page, and this
information is not sent along with the request. So the server must
guess... and that usually means going with the platform default.

If you for some reason need to manage multiple charsets in the same
application, you'll need a Filter that executes early and calls
request.setCharacterEncoding() *before* any code calls

10-29-09 16:01   
For 4.0.2, file.encoding is now the default encoding.