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3615 minor always 07-29-09 15:45 07-29-09 15:45
new 4.0.1  
0003615: split hessianservlet
(rep by Harald Radi)

I wrapped up a HessianServiceExporter for spring that uses asynchronous IO to be able to invoke methods that don't return results immediately (i.e. polling events from the server does not return a result as long as the event queue is empty).

For that I had to break up HessianSkeleton.invoke into an invoke and reply part. The reply part is just the last four lines from the original HessianSkeleton (those four out.* calls), but I had to literally clone the whole class just to get rid of those four lines. Couldn't that be changed/splitted in the original implementation so that I wouldn't need to maintain my own copy of the HessianSkeleton class and would be able to call the invoke and the reply part independently?

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